Brennen’s First Week

July 30, 2014

Haha ya it’s been an interesting first week!  The first day my companion Elder Baum was sick so I had to stay in the apartment with him.  Then the other night I went into the bathroom and I just felt really dizzy and passed out! I didn’t feel anything weird besides dizziness.  When I woke up I was bleeding and I went and told my companion and he tried to get up and help me, but he was feeling sick again so getting up made him have to throw up so he threw up a ton in the bathroom and ended up passing out too!  So we both ended up in the hospital.  I got a catscan and stitches in my head and he got an IV and meds.  But we are both fine now!  But the few normal days we’ve had have been good haha.

bren miss airport mom and dad
bren miss az 10 missionaries
bren miss az layover

It felt pretty overwhelming at first, and it still does a little bit, but its getting better every day. It’s a lot of work and studying all day long, but everyone in my district has grown really close already so we have a lot of fun together! The hardest thing right now is we have to teach a full lesson to a pretend investigator every day in Spanish.  But my Spanish is getting better quickly.  We have some really cool Mexican missionaries in our apartment and one of them speaks decent English so they help us with our Spanish.  We joke around a lot together so its really fun.

The other day at lunch I was talking to a group of Mexican missionaries and I accidentally said a bad word and they all thought it was hilarious!  But then one of the Mexican missionaries in our apartment was talking trash when we were about to play soccer against him and he said, “I’m gunnu kick ur (insert bad word for buns here)”.   We were cracking up so hard!  He didn’t know it was a bad word.

I’ve already seen the sick and the infirm healed!  I gave Elder Baum a blessing when he was sick and he is totally fine now.  And one of the Mexican elders in our apartment, Elder Aguilar, did the anointing in Spanish which was really cool. I’ve totally felt like Heavenly Father has been blessing me with strength too.  These are gunnu be the best two years of my life!

bren miss airport with suitcases
Saying bye to you guys was the hardest thing I’ve ever done for sure!  But when I met up with the other missionaries in Arizona I felt a lot better and we had a lot of fun together.  The MTC has definitely felt hard, especially my first day working since my companion was sick the first day.  But as I explained, it’s honestly getting better every day.  And it’s getting more fun every day. I’m feeling good.  I got dis!I Miss you guys and I love you all so much!  I hope ur all having fun and I hope the convention goes well. ¡Yo se que el evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero!

Wedding Inspiration

my pic

The time has come…something I’ve always dreamed about.  My daughter Holly is getting married!  How can this be?  It’s a strange, yet very happy feeling! Her finance’ Zach is a jewel, they are truly in love, and it’s a joyous thing to be a part of. 🙂

Although I’ve had plenty of wedding receptions at my house, I’ve never been in charge of actually planning one. So I thought it would be fun to document my progress and insights via my Blog. So here we go…The Tale of a Mother/Wedding Planner. 😉

First of all, I must admit to one thing.  I am not really ‘in charge’ of this wedding…Holly is, and that’s a very important thing to understand.  When I first realized she was getting married, I knew there was going to need to to be a ‘point person’ for the entire wedding…the person the responsibility of getting everything done truly falls upon…the CEO of the entire process if you will.  It’s the same with any event, church, or company…someone ultimately has to be in charge, or there is disorder, confusion and the possibility of things falling through the cracks.

I asked Holly straight up,” Do you want to be the ‘point person’ of this event, or do you want me to be?”  I knew different girls would have different answers to this question.  Some would want to be in charge and delegate, while others would like their mothers to take charge and simply feed them their likes, dislikes, etc.  I thought Holly would probably like to be the ‘point person’, and delegate to me, and that’s exactly what she chose.

With that out of the way, we could proceed!  And I knew one very, important thing… if something did not get done for the wedding, I needed to LET GO. This wedding was not about me, and showing the world what an amazing event I could pull off.  It was about Holly and Zach, their love for each other, their vision, needs and preferences, and Holly’s desire to plan her dream wedding.  I needed to sit back, be willing to take direction, and enjoy the process.  What I also realized is… that is kind of a nice place to be!

Holly began by making her list of all the tasks she needed to take care of, and began tackling them one at a time, bit by bit, in conjunction with Zach and his family, as well.  It’s been a joy to watch her move forward!

I have been delegated the Food, the Cake, the Decor of the Reception, and the Flowers, so these are the main things I will be blogging about.  When I say delegated, I mean, asked to be in charge of, with Holly’s suggestions of course.  It’s been a great process of working together~ and I’m truly enjoying it!

So let’s talk COLORS!  I love colors, as you well know…and of course they were one of my first questions for Holly. 🙂  Well, here ya go…light aqua, orange, and white and burlap backgrounds.  Rustic, old fashioned feel. More pictures to follow!

So, tune in, if you’d like, to see how this story unfolds!  26 Days To Go!

Katherine 🙂