Brennen’s Week 14 ‘Anti-Mormon Guy’

That’s so cool Dad that ur teaching The Fearless Mind!! You are so amazing. Thank u so much for doing that for me and my team last year. You put so much time and effort into it, and u completely changed my water polo experience. I’ve been able to share that experience a good amount on my mission as I testify of the miracles that faith in God brings and the ability of the Book of Mormon to help you increase that faith.

I can’t believe Hunter’s leaving on his mission! I like those things u shared from his talk.. that definitely sounds like Hunter haha. I miss him a ton!

I got to see the ‘Meet the Mormons’ movie and it was great! The host lady kinda drove me crazy, but other than that I thought it was really good haha, definitely a great missionary tool. Mama, you and Dad are awesome missionaries! It’s so cool! YOU BUST IT OUT!!

I ate dinner at the Well’s house yesterday, they are a senior couple who work in the mission office. They are both extremely nice. I’m in great hands here! I’m doing good and feeling great!

I didn’t get transferred so I’ll be in Edinburg for another 6 weeks at least. The transfer that just ended was seven weeks long cuz the one before I got here was only five because President Maluenda was out of town at the end of what would have been the sixth week, so he just transferred people a week early. But anyways ya, I’m in the same place for at least another six weeks! And Elder Anderson is still my companion. One elder in our apartment, Elder Runsthrough, is going to a new area though. We took some pictures together so I’ll try to send them to u guys. They’re not the best pics but we tried our best haha.

Four people in the Edinburg zone got baptized this week! Elder Anderson and I still don’t have any investigators who are very close to being baptized right now, but we’ve been fasting and praying and working really hard, so we’ll find people who are ready to accept the gospel soon!

Last night we talked to the most anti-mormon guy I’ve ever met. He told us that our beliefs are wrong and we worship the devil. He also thinks we worship Joseph Smith. He says that works don’t matter because we are all saved through grace as long as we accept Jesus Christ as our savior. He gave us anti-mormon pamphlets (which we threw away after) and invited us to come back again to learn about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so sad. His heart was so hard. He told us about an anti-mormon website and an anti-mormon radio show that plays for an hour every day.

It’s pretty crazy how people attack our Church so much! It made me realize how important it is that we share our beliefs with people as much as we can and always be good examples so the world can know what we really believe and stand for. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true!

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    Brennen’s Week 11 ‘Reading the Scriptures & Saying Prayers as a Family’

Brennen’s Week 11 ‘Reading the Scriptures & Saying Prayers as a Family’

Fam and friends! I’m having an awesome time. This was a special week because on Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference, which is a meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that is broadcast all over the world. We get to hear talks from our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and his apostles and other church leaders. I learned a lot from it.

One thing I thought was really cool that I want to share with u all is from a talk given by Elder Scott. He said that we need to make reading the scriptures and praying every day as a family a priority in our lives, and not let anything get in the way of it. He said that as we do this, we will be blessed with peace in our homes.
I have felt this blessing in my family as we strive to this. As we work together to become a little more like Christ every day, we have more patience and love for each other. So even when mom eats all the sausage off of the entire pizza, we don’t get too upset, and we even get a good laugh out of it!

I invite you all to apply this in your families. Pick a time that u will read the scriptures as a family every day. Once you pick a time, stick with it. Even if you can’t get your entire family together for it every day, gather as much of your family as u can. The important thing is that you read every single day. You can read as much or as little as you want.

After you read together, pray together as a family. Thank your Heavenly Father for all the amazing things He has blessed you with, and ask Him to guide you in all you do and help you be a little better every day. As you do this, your family relationships will strengthen, and your home will be filled with peace and love. I know this is true because God gave us this council through one of His chosen servants.

Our Heavenly Father knows us all perfectly, individually. And He wants so badly for us to be happy. I testify, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that this is true. I love you all so much, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Week 10 ‘Kayaks, Dogs and Fun!’

Howdy y’all! This has been another great week. It flew by! I feel like I just finished writing my email from last week. It’s been a little rainy this week and the land here is super flat and there aren’t any good drainage systems around here, so some of the streets were like big swimming pools! There were little kids swimming around in the middle of the road! So from now on I think we’re gunnu keep an emergency kayak on our car.

So the other day we were talking to a lady who was holding a little dog and the dog threw up. I just thought u guys would like to know. Oh also I have officially become the physical trainer for the three other missionaries in my apartment. I’m whipping them into shape. Sometimes I literally have to whip them cuz they’re always tired in the mornings, but it will be worth it cuz we’re all gunnu get swoll!

I cant think of much to say this week. I can’t think of anything super exciting to share, but we are working really hard and having a ton of fun while we do it! Me and Elder Anderson have a ton of fun together! We joke around with each other all the time and we work really well together. He’s 22 and like 6’4″ so he’s like my big bro! And the two other Elders in our apartment, Elder Munoz and Elder Runsthrough, are a lot of fun too.

I love u guys so much! I’m honestly loving it out here. Missionary work is a ton of fun! I know this church is True! I love u guys!