Week 21 ‘Da Miss’

Salutaions family! This has been a pretty crazy week! I got transferred to Alamo South, which is only like 15 miles from Edinburg. I spent monday evening saying by to all my peeps in Edinburg and then on tuesday I headed off to Alamo. My new companion is Elder Johnson, and we are both new to this area so we’ve spent the week basically just getting to know the area and figuring out what the heck to do! We met a lot of the members that live here and they are great! I’m really excited to get to know them better. We met a Spanish speaking member named Brother Gonzalez (i’m pretty sure…) and he loves the name Eisenhut and every time he says it he does this salute thingy, he’s a funny guy! There’s a lot of Spanish here so hopefully my Spanish will improve a ton while I’m here! I wuv u guys!

Week 20 ‘Getting Transferred and Thanksgiving’


Salutations family! I’m getting transferred to a new area tomorrow but I haven’t found out where yet. I’m excited though! This has been a great week. Thanksgiving was awesome! We visited 5 different member families and ate three thanksgiving dinners and took a bunch of food to go. We were stuffed! And we ate another thanksgiving dinner with a family yesterday. I think I ate more thanksgiving food this week than I’ve eaten my whole life! And I’ve liked it more this year than I ever have, probably cuz its a good change from the Mexican food haha. I love u guys! I wanna hear from Katie and Kk I haven’t heard from u in a while!

Week 19 ‘Growing and Becoming Converted’

That’s so cool that Alex Boye gave a fireside! I love him. Me and Elder Anderson listen to him in the car sometimes. I’ve been using my fearless mind journal off and on. I really need to get better at it. The mission life is so fast paced it’s hard to remember haha. But whenever I use it it helps, so I just need to buckle down and start doing it every day.

My mission really has been an amazing experience so far. We helped a guy wash his semitruck this week! I’m learning a ton. I can’t remember who said this, but a leader said that Heavenly Father sends us to the missions that will help us to become the people He knows we can be. I never realized how much this mission is actually about my own conversion. Leaders seem to emphasize a lot that the most important thing in our missions is that we grow and become converted. It’s so cool!

For my birthday he sisters got me some birthday pumpkin pie and ice cream and I opened my classy food basket!

For Thanksgiving we’re gunnu be eating with 3 or 4 separate families so we are gunnu be stuffed haha. I love u guys! Thank u for the food basket! That was probably the classiest birthday present I’ve ever gotten!

Week 18 ‘Surfer/Skater Elder Hoffman and A Baptism’

I got the package from u guys right before we left for the library to email, so I haven’t opened it yet. I’m excited though! This has been a great week. On Monday one of the Sister Missionaries in our district threw Elder Anderson a surprise birthday party at the Stock’s house. I’m not sure if I’ve told u guys about the Stock family, but they are awesome! They are a young couple with two young girls and a baby boy. Sister Stock reminds me a ton of Holly and Brother Stock is a big buff border patrol agent and they’re both really nice and funny. And I have a lot of fun playing with the kids! So for the surprise party we had cake and ice cream and played some games. It was a lot of fun! I’ll have Sister Castillo send u some pics cuz I didn’t get any with my camera. I’ve been bad with taking pics but I’m trying to get better haha. So like I said in my other email, all the leaders in the mission had a conference for three days, so I worked with Elder Hoffman Tuesday through Thursday. We had a ton of fun together. He’s a surfer/skater from Torrence, California and he’s really nice and really goofy so we get along great. This weekend a girl named Lucia got baptized. Elder Anderson taught her in Brownville about a year ago, and he found out that she moved to Edinburg, so we went and visited her, and she remembered everything that the missionaries had taught her and she accepted to be baptized! Elder Anderson was really happy cuz she was really stubborn when he taught her in Brownsville and she never wanted to be baptized. So it was a huge miracle! I love u guys and miss u a ton!

‘The Lord Guided Us’

Hola family and friends! Dis is Elder Bdiddy Eisenhut. I’m still loving it down here in the armpit of Texas. I wanted to share a cool experience I had the other week with u guys. Elder Anderson and I drove around almost our entire area that we work in (which covers probably about twenty square miles) looking for people that we could talk to, and we could hardly find anyone. and that’s pretty rare… we can usually find a good amount of people outside to talk to. So Elder Anderson looked at me and said, “This must mean something. There must be someone the Lord needs us to go visit.” He asked me if anyone came to my mind. The Reyes family came to my mind (they are members of our church) and I had no idea why, but we went and visited them. We talked with them for a while, they fed us, and then we shared a scripture and a spiritual thought with them. It felt like a pretty normal visit. but right after we shared the scripture, Sister Reyes started crying, and said, “I hope u don’t mind me asking, but why did u come here?” We explained how they had just come to our minds, and she told us that she has been going through some hard times and the scripture we shared was exactly what she needed. It was so cool to see that the Lord guided us exactly to where we needed to be that night to serve the people that needed Him the most in that moment. I know that as a missionary I am a tool in God’s hands, and He is using me for His divine work.

That elote experience was definitely interesting haha. And one thing I didn’t include in that story was that a sweet Spanish speaking old lady who’s a member of the Church named Sister Azuara was going to a lesson with us when we saw the elote lady, so she asked us if we wanted some and at first we both said no but a few minutes later we passed the lady again so I asked Sister Azuara if I could try some elote. So the only reason I ate some of it was cuz she bought it for me haha but then when she wasn’t looking I dumped it in the bushes.

I love u guys!