Week 25 ‘New Year’s and Frozen!’

Happy 2015!  It’s been a great week!  On New Year’s Eve we got to watch Frozen!!  New Year’s Eve is the only time we get to watch a movie so that was supa fun.  Also a family of 8 came to church with us yesterday!!  Woot woot!!  They’re an awesome family and I’m super excited for them.  I love you guys!

bren's miss starwars shirts


bren's miss starwars shirts buff

Week 24 ‘Christmas!’

Wuddup fam and friends!!  I hope u all had a great Christmas!  I had a great Christmas here in good ol’ south Texas filled with tamales and texmex.  I got a super cute note from an 8 year old girl named Zeyla.  It says, ‘You are very good because you brought us gifts and you Elder Eisenhut you are very special Elder Eisenhut. With much love, I love you guys a lot. – Zeyla Cavasos’  We did a lot of early afternoon Christmas caroling this week which was slightly awkward but supa fun.  We had a Christmas party with all the missionaries in the Rio Grande valley and we all performed Christmas skits.  In my part of the skit Santa didn’t want to deliver presents cuz he was ashamed of how fat he is, so me and my fellow exersize pros showed him how to prancersize.  We did a super sick prancersizing routine and helped Santa burn off those nasty Christmas cookie calories.  If you don’t know what prancersizing is check it out on youtube.  It’s super weird.  But it went really well and everyone was cracking up.  On Christmas Day we had a small Christmas party with the other missionaries in our zone, and we had a pancake breakfast and did a secret Santa exchange.  I got a sick head massager that kinda looks like a whisk.  The rest of the day we visited different families and ate tons of food.  And I got to Skype my fam!  Twas great.  Merry Christmas fools!  Thanks for the tree Mama!

bren's miss 1st christmas skype

bren's miss first chirstmas us skyping him

bren's miss lil girl's letter

bren's miss lil girl's letter bow

Week 23 ‘Teaching Santa’

Teaching Santa!  We’re gunnu make a Christmas Card with this pic and go caroling at all the members houses in our area and give them a Christmas card and treats.  Thank you for the Hickory Farms stuff!  The sausage is soooo good!

bren's miss fruit basket


bren's miss food box

Week 22 ‘Acting out The Book of Mormon’

Wuddup ma peeps!  It’s been a hootin-hollerin week here in Alamo.  We taught 12 new people this week! woot woot!  And I took my first bike day and it was super fun!  We had a really fun lesson with the Cavasos family this week, who are recent converts to the church.  They have a lot of young kids so we wanted to do something fun for them.  We all acted out a battle from the Book of Mormon, and Elder Johnson and half the Cavasos fam were the Nephites (the good guys) and me and half the fam were the Lamanites (the bad guys).  So we read about the battle in the Book of Mormon and we acted it out as we read.  Eventually the Lamanites get scared and run away from the Nephites, so me and the kids were running all over the house screaming and “dying” and whatnot.  They loved it and we were all cracking up, and they committed to read the Book of Mormon as a family every day.  It was dope!  There’s a lot of really fun ways to teach and learn about Jesus Christ!  I love you guys!


I realized something important the other day.  In the busyness of this ‘the microwave generation’ I’ve been forgetting to carry out some of the traditions that have been passed down to me from my grandmothers.  Both of my grandmothers were very elegant.  One was quite wealthy (Milldred) , one was very middle class (Dorothy), but both of them had a true elegance about them.  One of the things I will always remember about my Grandma Dorothy Ludeman is that every evening, even when it was just for her and my grampa only, she served dinner on fine china. My Grama and Grampa Ludeman lived in a little studio apartment above our garage for many years while I was growing up. Although the accommodations were very simple and rather rustic, my grandmother decorated it beautifully with items that had been in her family for generations… even many that had come over from Germany with her when she was a child.

This last Christmas I had the opportunity to host a small luncheon for some special business colleagues of mine.  I really enjoyed it.  I got out my mother’s china and her special red wine classes that we had at every Holiday dinner while I was growing up.  I created a simple favor out the of wood boxes that had our company logo on it.

blog luncheon jk box with rose

Although the meal was simple, I realized a special feeling came over me when I brought out that china.  I realized I missed the elegance my grandmothers had–that kind of Jackie O. elegance–and that I wanted to cultivate it more in myself and my home.

I’m grateful for the simple beauties in life that bring me so much joy.  I would rather have a few truly beautiful, meaningful things than an entire auditorium of expensive, hallow items that have no meaning.

2015 will be devoted to cultivating more elegance in my life.  I’m excited to share these thoughts with you in Lifestyle by Katherine.

Wishing you all a truly Happy New Year,

Katherine 🙂









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