Week 42 ‘Mother’s Day Prep and Pacquiao/Mayweather’

Happy almost Mother’s Day Mama!!!!  I’m hugging u in my mind!!!

A lot of people talked about that fight this week.  When I first heard that it was happening I was like, ‘what the heck ive been waiting forever to see that fight!’ But ya everyone said it was kinda crazy. So for the skype thing I’m not sure what’s gunnu happen yet.  It will be some time after five cuz Elder Johnson’s mom wont be able to do it till that time.  But when we find a house to do it in i’ll have them communicate with you guys and we’ll figure it out!manny pacmay shirt

Week 41 ‘Roadkill Armadillo’

Hey people this is ur boy Elder Bdiddy Eisenhut checkin in again from good ol’ south Texas!  We had another great week. Eagle scout project, party at the church for El Dia del Nino, and two baptisms!  Also I forgot to tell you a story that happened two weeks ago.  So we visited this older lady named Flor, and she invited us in to eat.  She gave us this good shredded meat mixed with chile and after we finished it, Elder Johnson asked her what kind of meat it was. She tells us its armadillo, and we’re like what the heck armadillo?!  But that’s not the crazy part. Elder Johnson then asked her where she got it, and she’s like ‘we were just driving down the road and it was laying there dead on the side of the road so we picked up and brought it home for dinner.’  WHAT?!?!  She fed us roadkill armadillo people!!  But everyone please be assured neither of us died……yet…… anyways the moral of the story is always ask what kind of meat it is BEFORE you eat it, and if you feed someone roadkill armadillo don’t tell them what it is!!