Week 78, ‘Stay Focused & Do Everything We Can!’

January 11, 2016

Hola familia! Glad to hear everyone’s doing great! I’ll be praying for ur trial Dad. U got this! I’m doing great! It’s been a crazy day. We got up at 5:10am to play soccer, then did studies til 10:30, then washed the truck and cleaned the house, then dropped clothes off at the dry cleaners, then worked on some paper work that we had to send to the mission office, now we’re emailing, and then we’re gunnu shop, eat at Dominos cuz I have a gift card, play capture the flag with the other missionaries, and then get to work at 6! There’s always so much to do it’s great!

It’s been a great week. We went to McAllen on Monday and I worked with Elder Johnson that night! Tuesday morning we got up at 5 to go to the gym, then we had a meeting from 8 to around 3. We reported the goal we had for the number of baptisms in our zone for the month of December and the amount that we actually had. President Maluenda talked to us about the importance of being examples for all the missionaries in our zone. He promised us that if we stay focused and do everything we can to hit our goals, the Lord will make it happen. I love President Maluenda a ton. I always learn so much from him. We got back to Laredo Tuesday night around 8. From Wednesday to Friday we did a zone exchange! We moved one missionary from each companionship to a different area. It was a fun change of pace and got everyone excited to go out and make miracles happen! We found a lot of awesome new investigators! I worked with Elder Watchorn in his area. He is a greenie and he’s a ton of fun. An investigator named Miguel came to church for his second time this week. We are working with him to get baptized this month!

And dad, I’m still doing my Fearless Mind every day! My objective is to be animado y caritativo (excited and charitable). I love you mis padres! I love you Mommy! ps ur pro missionaries!

Mama you should be friends with the Lavulavu family on Facebook! I don’t know their first names but they’re related to the Sorges so you can ask them. They are so awesome! I gotta go. I love you!

Week 77, ‘Guy From Honduras!’

January 4, 2016

Cool doggy! So does it always stay inside? The pic above is when we served free food at Christmas! I don’t have much time today cuz we have to head down to McAllen for a meeting. We had a great week! We got to watch Polar Express for New Year’s Eve. We watched it at President Solis’s house, the same place that we Skyped at.

I did an exchange with an elder named Elder Hawkins this week and we talked to a guy on the street who’s from Honduras. He was super funny and talked a ton. We hardly got to say anything cuz every time we started to talk he would cut us off and start blabbing on again about random stuff. It was super funny. But he said he wanted to come to church, and then he came yesterday! It was a cool miracle.

Last night we visited the Lavulavu family who are related to Sister Sorge and I did my ‘Craig vs. Wild’ impression for them and Elder Padron did his impression of Juan Vines. The girls know who that is. We were all cracking up!

So we’re heading down to McAllen today and I’m gunnu work with Elder Johnson tonight! I’m pumped! And tomorrow we will have a meeting and then get home probly around 8 ish on Tuesday. I love you mi familia! Oh Sister Hewett just texted me and said my package got there! Thanks a ton!

Week 76, ‘President Lavulavu!’

December 28, 2016

Hey peeps! We had a great Christmas! On Monday a lot of us missionaries went Christmas caroling with the Lavulavu family. President Lavulavu is the leader of the English congregation here, and he’s Tongan, but he dressed up in Texas clothes and looked like a huge Mexican!

On Tuesday we went down to McAllen for a Christmas party with all the missionaries in the mission! McAllen is 3 hours away from Laredo, and the Solis family took us all the way there and waited for us all day and then took us home. They’re amazing! At the party we watched a slideshow of pics that missionaries had sent in throughout the year and we did a white elephant gift exchange and ate food and did Christmas skits and probly did other stuff but I forget.

On Thursday we had a zone meeting and everybody got to smash shaving cream into their companion’s face. It was good stuff. And we had to go home at 6pm instead of 9 so we just hung out in the apartment and talked and chilled. And on Christmas I got to Skype the fam! Woohoo!

P.S. Below are pics of President Lavulavu’s kids and our shaving cream fight.

bren's miss ladero north President Lavulavu's kids

bren's miss ladero north shaving cream

Week 75, ‘Sister Stanfill + Transfer to Ladero North!’

December 21, 2015

Hey Mama! We are planning to Skype at 6pm on Christmas but we aren’t sure yet. When we figure it out I will have someone let you guys know. I got transferred to Laredo North, I’m a zone leader now with Elder Padron! He’s from Mexico and he learned English on his mission. This is his last transfer so he will be home in 5 weeks! He’s awesome we’re having a lot of fun together. So as zone leaders we lead two districts, and each one has 4 companionships in it. We help the district leaders to lead their districts. So I have a lot of responsibility now! It’s been super fun, we’re always on the go! I love it cuz there is so much to do so it’s impossible to be bored! And don’t worry about the Christmas gift Mama I know I’ll get it soon! I saw Melissa in Mc Allen when I got transferred! It was so awesome to see her. I was so pumped! We took a pic so I’ll send it to you. I love you Mama!

Hey errbody It’s Elder Eisenhut! I hope you’re all feeling the awesome Christmas spirit! So I just got transferred again, I’m in Laredo now with my boy Elder Padron. This is his last transfer so he will be home in 5 weeks! He’s from Mexico and learned English on his mission. He has a ton of energy and he’s hilarious! Also I got so see my homie Sister Melissa Stanfill!!! She’s my homie from back home and she just got sent to serve in this mission, it’s so crazy!

Let’s see what else happened this week… we went to two different church Christmas parties this week, one for a Spanish ward and one for an English ward. We got a ton of leftover food and we didn’t know what to do with it all, so last night we went to downtown Laredo and set up all the food on a table and held up a ‘free food’ sign and a bunch of people came and got food! We talked with them and told them about what we do as missionaries and gave them our info and it was super fun! Most of the people we met live in Mexico cuz we were literally like 100 yards away from the bridge that leads into Mexico. I forgot we were in the U.S. for a second!

Also, today the zone leaders from Laredo South called me and told me that a lady named Maria who I taught when I was in Zapata is in the hospital here in Laredo and she’s looking really bad. She got baptized after I left Zapata, but she didn’t get to receive the Holy Ghost yet cuz she had to go to the hospital. So the missionaries from Zapata came to Laredo to visit her in the hospital and I went with them and I got to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. Well peeps, I love you all. Have a great Christmas, and even more important than that help someone else to have a great Christmas!

bren's miss ladero north free food

bren's miss ladero north apartment

Week 74, ‘Wedding, Baptism & Great Christmas Advice!’

December 14, 2015

Yo! Glad Katie had a good B-day. So she’s 17 now?? That’s so weird!

Hunter told me about seeing Derek; that’s so awesome! Did you guys get to see him? And that’s so cool that you guys had a missionary lesson in your house. You guys are such awesome missionaries! I’m super pumped to do missionary work when I get home. It’s super fun!

The past few weeks there’s been some young men who have been coming out and working with us on the bikes sometimes and it’s super fun. And these pics are of some of Elder Faris and Gollosos’ investigators. They’re of their wedding just before their baptism.

Christmas season can be super crazy I know, but don’t worry, don’t sweat the small stuff! Christmas is an awesome opportunity to not just remember Christ, but to follow His example. I remember in an interview I had with President Maluenda, I told him that I was getting stressed and he told me that if I started feeling down I need to take a step back and think of how I can serve others. When I’m serving others I don’t have time to feel bad about myself! It’s awesome! This week Elder Buzan and I made cookies and delivered them to different members who have helped us a lot. It made them feel great, and we felt great too! You will feel the Savior by your side as you think of little simple things that you can do to help other people have a good Christmas. And for Christmas gifts I can’t think of anything right now but I will try to think of something. I love you guys!

bren's miss la jolla dec 14 wedding little girl

Week 73, ‘Will You Come?’

December 7, 2015

Dang Dad that’s super crazy! Huge miracles! You’ve always been a great example of faith cuz you ACT. Faith is action! If you just sat there in your car praying that everything would work out, most likely nothing would happen. But you did everything within your control and then depended on Heavenly Father for the rest. That’s so awesome! I love you Dad! I need to apply that cuz I can’t find my camera haha. And thanks Dad, you got this too! I remember when I went to that trial of yours and you destroyed that lawyer lady and her red herring stuff. That experience that you had with praying with ur clients and then seeing the miracle after was so cool! Heavenly Father’s got yo back!

Dang Mama that Joan of Arc movie on the BYU channel sounds awesome. I’m pumped to see it! Ur back in action! Kapow!! I’m hugging you in my mind Mama!

This week has been really good. Elder Buzan and I have been struggling the past few weeks to get our investigators to come to church, so we put a big focus this week on not just inviting them, but reminding them of why it’s important, promising blessings, and asking them a specific question,’Will you come?’ That makes them have to say yes or no. And we saw awesome success from it!

A really cool family came to church. It was a mom and 5 little kids. She was separated from her boyfriend last week cuz they were fighting but they were together yesterday and we’re hoping to start teaching him to. We’re really excited about them! It’s gonna be a little complicated to get them baptized though cuz they’re living together but he is still technically married to a lady in Mexico, so we’re gonna start working with a member who’s a lawyer to figure out how to get them divorced. I got to confirm the girl Angie who got baptized last week! And last Monday I actually took a nap! That was really the first nap I’ve taken in like 6 months!

Week 72, ‘I Know Without a Doubt That God is Real!’

November 30, 2015

Yo its ur boy Elder Eisenhut! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did! We ate way too much, it was awesome! We had two Thanksgiving dinners back to back, and then a family that we randomly met gave us cake. I had a huge food baby in my stomach.

It was actually really cool how we found that family who gave us cake though. We were riding our bikes and then my companion Elder Buzan randomly got a really bad headache so we stopped and then we were like, ‘Hey maybe Heavenly Father stopped us at this house for a reason.’ So we went and talked to the people and they were super awesome and they let us teach them! And while we were in there Elder Buzan’s headache went almost completely away. God is a cool guy people.

Let’s see what else did we do this week… last Monday we had a huge nerf war with all the missionaries in this area and on Saturday we went to a church bbq and played soccer and volleyball and dodgeball. I don’t know what the Latino people do to their bbq chicken, but whatever it is, it’s amazing. That was some dang good chicken. Also, a 16 year old girl named Angie got baptized this week!

I want you all to know that I know without a doubt in my mind that God is real. He is literally our Father in Heaven. He knows us all individually and perfectly, and He loves us so much. I know that it’s because of that perfect love that He has for us that He lets us go through tough times. He lets us struggle so that we can learn and grow and find greater happiness and enjoy the good times even more! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our brother, and that as we follow His example we can find true happiness. That’s why I’m out here serving a mission. I’ve felt the happiness that comes through following Jesus Christ and I want everyone to feel it! It’s so awesome people!!

I also know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. It’s the word of God. I know it’s true cuz I’ve read it and pondered about it and prayed and asked my Heavenly Father if it’s true. And every time I pray about it I feel a peace and happiness that comes through the Holy Spirit. The book of Mormon is so dope! I challenge you all to check it out! I promise you that no matter what’s going on in ur life, as you read the Book of Mormon you will find the answers to life questions that you have always wondered about, and God will speak to you personally through the words on those pages, just like He has for me. I love you peeps!

bren's miss la jolla b with group of kids with dog

bren's miss la jolla soccer

bren's miss la jolla nov 30 group eating at table with golloso

Week 71, ‘That’s so cool that America got baptized!’

November 23, 2016

It sounds like life is crazy in T-Mec right now! Lots of cool stuff going on! Thats so cool that America got baptized! I’m glad to hear ur feeling better Mama. Ka-Baam!! I have some weight to lose too so we can do it together haha. Well, I dont need to lose weight, I just need to get rid of fat and replace it with muscle haha. I got the candy apples and the spider! That spider is awesome!! I still need to get batteries for it but I’m super pumped to freak people out with it haha.

We had 3 days of meetings in Mc Allen this week. I learned a ton and had a lot of fun! And that cake eating thing is a Mexican tradition. Everyone chants “mordida! mordida!” (which means bite) and then you bite the cake and everyone smashes ur face in to it! It was a lot of fun.

I’ve been feeling stressed this week cuz we were seeing a lot of success in Zapata and we haven’t been seeing it here in La Jolla. But I’m working on forgetting about me and focusing on others. I’m improving and when I think of others I feel great! So no worries, I got this, and Heavenly Father’s got my back. All the missionaries in my district are super awesome. I love them a ton! And the members here help us a ton with missionary work. They are really humble and willing to serve.

All the missionaries that came out with me that were at the 3 Day meetings. Elder Buzan dressed up as Kristov from frozen for a little girls birthday party!

bren's miss la jolla dress up for girls party

bren's miss la jolla nov 23 group

Week 69, ‘I Got Transferred to La Jolla!’

November 9, 2015

I got transferred! I’m in La Jolla now. It’s been great here! I started with Elder Galloso, which was really awesome cuz we were in Harlingen together, but we have a bike area and President Maluenda doesn’t want him to ride a bike cuz he has a prosthetic arm, so another missionary in my apartment, Elder Buzan, became my companion and Elder Galloso is now in a car area. But I live with him and he’s in my district! Elder Buzan is really awesome. This is his second transfer, and mission training is two transfers long, so I’ll be finishing training him this transfer! He’s a really funny guy so we’re having a lot of fun together.

We had a huge miracle this week cuz the Salinas family (a family of 8) wanted to come to church but their car had gotten taken away the week before. So we called a man from church, Brother Guerrero, to ask him if he could give them a ride. He had to take his family, so he ended up giving the Salinas’s one of his cars to get to church and back. He didn’t even know them! That was a really awesome example of selfless love. I wanna be like Brother Guerrero!

Week 68, ‘I Got to Baptize in the Lake!’

November 2, 2015

Wuddup peeps! I hope errbody had a dope Halloween. It’s been a great week in good ol’ Zapata Texas! Elder Randall and I both got to baptize in the lake this week! Woohoo!! We baptized two boys, Ralph and Armando. Ralph is 14 and Armando is 12. Theyre awesome! And their grandma will be getting baptized in two weeks!

We had a lot of fun stuff going on this week. On Thursday we had a Christmas party with all the missionaries in Laredo cuz our zone leader Elder Breck is going home this Wednesday and he loves Christmas. On Friday we had a going away party for the Strong family. They are a senior missionary couple in Zapata, and they’ve been here for a year and are going home to Arizona on Wednesday. I’m gunnu miss them a ton! On Saturday we came home early cuz of all the cray cray stuff going on for Halloween, so we played games with the senior missionary couples that live by us.

We saw some really cool miracles this week! One night at 8:30 I got the impression that we should spend the last 30 minutes of the day working in the area of Zapata that Elder Herrin and Puga are assigned to. On our way there, someone that Elder Randall had met there before came to his mind, so we headed to that house. He had only been there once so we got lost after a little while, and we pulled over to pray for help. Right after we prayed we turned right on the next street and the house we were looking for was right in front of us! We went to talk to the lady that Elder Randall had met before. She ended up being busy but we talked to her son Manny and had a really cool lesson with him about the restoration of the gospel of Christ. He was really interested and wants to learn more. And it turns out he lives in a city called Mission, and the missionaries have been teaching his wife and kids there, but he’s never been able to listen to them cuz he’s always working in Zapata. So it was an awesome miracle that we found him!

Another miracle we had was really funny. An older man named Manuel was following us in his car back to his house cuz he forgot how to get home from the church, but all of a sudden he turned right when we went straight. So we were like ‘holy heck we lost a man!!’ And we didn’t have his phone number, so we just drove around everywhere looking for him. After a while we stopped and prayed for help, and about ten minutes after that we passed him going opposite directions on the road. So we flipped a U as fast as we could and chased him down until he finally stopped in a parking lot. We showed him from there how to get home, so thank goodness he got home safe. If we hadn’t found him he’d probly still be driving around Zapata haha.

There were lots of other miracles but I don’t wanna write a novel. So basically the gist of the story is God is awesome. Thanks dad you got this too! I remember when I went to that trial of yours and you destroyed that lawyer lady and her red herring stuff. That experience that you had with praying with ur clients and then seeing the miracle after was so cool! Heavenly Father’s got yo back! I love you Dad. I love you Mama!