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    Week 84, ‘Heavenly Father Loves His Daughters/Miracles!’

Week 84, ‘Heavenly Father Loves His Daughters/Miracles!’

February 22, 2016

Yesterday in Relief Society we shared part of the talk, “Living the Gospel Joyful” by Elder Uchtdorf. You should read it. It’s awesome! We shared the last section that talks about how much Heavenly Father loves his daughters. I told all the ladies how much I love my Mama, and a lot of them were crying. I love you Mama! I’m doin great! Staying nice and busy!

Howdy Peeps! It’s ur boy elder Eisenhut. Life is great here in Laredo, Texas. Lots of Spanglish, carne, and bigotes. This week has been super awesome! Last week on Monday we had a laser tag war! Some members of the Church gave us like 20 laser tag guns to use, it was pretty legit.

We saw tons of miracles this week. One of them was that the Assistants to the Mission President (AP’s) called us on Friday and told us that we had to get all 16 of our missionaries down to McAllen the next morning at 8:30. McAllen is 3 hours from Laredo, and we have a limited amount of miles that we get to use every month in our cars, so none of the cars had enough miles left to get to McAllen and back. So we went crazy calling people to beg them for rides and after a while 4 different people offered to take us all down. The 4 cars combined had the exact amount of seats we needed to get all of us down, so we were so grateful!

Another miracle was we found the Mendoza family. They are friends of the Solis family, who are members of the Church. We shared with them the story in 3rd Nephi 11 from the Book of Mormon when Jesus visits the people in America after His resurrection. He invites them all to come unto Him one by one and feel the prints of the nails in His hands and to know that He is their Savior. That’s my favorite story in the Book of Mormon because I love to imagine myself meeting the Savior and giving him a big hug! After we read the story the little 8 year old boy, Eddie, said “when you were reading that story I felt something weird!” he said he felt a happy, tingly sensation. We explained to him that that was the Holy Spirit, whose job is to testify of truth. Everyone in the family said they felt the Spirit and they are very excited to learn more!

Another miracle we saw was the other day we were riding our bikes and Elder Jardine felt very strongly like we should go talk to these people that were sitting outside their apartment. After introducing ourselves the man told us he’s a member of our Church but he hasn’t gone for a very long time. His girlfriend isn’t a member, and we had a really awesome lesson with them. During the lesson the man told us about how 20 years ago he joined the Church because he prayed and asked God if this is His true Church, and he felt very powerful feelings from the Holy Spirit that told him it was true. It was so cool to see that he still remembers those feelings that he had, even though he doesn’t go to Church now. Well people, God is real, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and life is awesome. Nuff said. I love you my peeps!

Week 83, ‘Meetings with President Maluenda!’

February 16, 2016

Read ur email Mama! That workout place seems super cool! Way to go girl! What have you been up to this week?

This week was super crazy and awesome. We were in McAllen from Monday til Thursday night. We had meetings with President Maluenda every day from 8 til about 3. I learned so much! He taught us about the importance of using the Book of Mormon when we preach cuz it was specifically written for the “convincing” of these peope at this time. One thing I loved was he did a role play and taught a sister missionary the story in 3rd Nephi 11 and he described everything about the scene so well that we could all imagine that we were really there. But what really impacted me was that he did it with such sincerity and humility that the Spirit filled the room very powerfully. As he testified of the Savior we could truly feel his testimony, not just hear it. After he finished the story, he asked the sister missionary who she knows that is maybe going through a hard time that needs to hear the gospel right now. For the roleplay the sister missionary was playing herself just before her mission. She told President about two people that are very close to her that don’t have the gospel in their lives right now. She is from Utah and pretty much everyone she knows is Mormon, so it was amazing to see that the Spirit could bring people to her mind. It reminded me that everyone, literally everyone, knows someone that needs the gospel and is being prepared to accept it. So many members of the Church here say that they don’t know anyone, or that they’ve already tried sending the missionaries by all of their friends and nobody wants the gospel. They get discouraged about trying to do missionary work. But after seeing that roleplay that President did, Elder Jardine and I have done that exact same thing with 4 different families now, and every time we’ve done it the Spirit brought people to their minds who need us.

Our visit with Sister Cardenas last night was so interesting because after asking her who she knows that we could bless with the gospel, right away she said she hardly ever goes out so she doesn’t know anybody, which is what people usually say here. But after a few seconds she said ‘oh wait!’ and she told us about two different people that she knows that we should go teach. It was super cool to see the Spirit working in her! I realized also that the reason the Spirit has been bringing people to the members minds when we ask is because we are doing it with a sincere desire to find these people, not just because our leaders tell us to ask for referrals in every visit. I’ve been guilty many times of doing it for the second reason, and I’m so glad that I’m learning now to do good things for the right reasons. The gospel is true mi familia! The mission is so awesome, no experience could ever replace it. It’s the best education on Earth! I know that God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is our Savior, and I understand that a lot more now than I did before my mission. I love you mi familia! Haha seee ya soon Zach I love you man!

Week 82, ‘Super Busy!’

February 8, 2016

Hey mis Padres I have like 15 minutes cuz we have to head out to McAllen again today. I’ll read ur email really quick! I love you! I love you Mama! Have a good week! I’m doing great! Super busy but i’ll give you a better update next week!

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    Week 81, ‘Weirdest, Craziest, Longest Night of My Mission!’

Week 81, ‘Weirdest, Craziest, Longest Night of My Mission!’

February 1, 2016

How was ur birthday Dad? Are u using a walker yet? Yay Mama! Sorry I was already gone when u sent this last week. It sounds like ur week was awesome! Lots of crazy stuff going on! Ur a spiritual giant Mama. That’s so cool how much u and dad are doing to help TJ! So did she get baptized?

It’s been great week! I don’t have much time cuz I have to go to McAllen for a meeting! My new comp is Elder Jardin and he’s so dope! We had so much fun this week. So Monday night was the weirdest, craziest, longest night of my mission cuz the AP’s told us to get all the missionaries who were getting transferred to a city that’s an hour and a half away at 3:30. So we all got together at 1:30 in the morning and we sent the missionaries who were getting transferred to another church building in Laredo to meet up with everyone else that was getting transferred. I went home and went back to sleep and then I got a call from the missionaries saying no one was at the other church. So long story short the APs were talking about 3:30 PM not 3:30 AM. Woops! When I realized what happened I was laughing so hard! I was so confused cuz when the APs told me 3:30 I asked them if they were talking about 3:30 in the morning and they said yes so they must not have heard me or something! And transfers here are always super weird so meeting up at 3:30 in the morning really didn’t seem that out of the ordinary. Anyways everyone came back home, got a few hours of sleep and then left to their new areas the next day. I felt so dumb but it’s ok cuz it was hilarious. I love you mi familia!

Week 80, ‘My Release Date is July 13th’

January 25, 2016

Hola mis Padres! It’s been a great week! Elder Padron went to McAllen today and he goes home on Wednesday. I’m gunnu mis that fool! He’s so great, he’s like a little Mexican Anton.

We met an awesome family this week. They have been inactive for 20 years and decided they want to start coming back to church so they asked their family who is Mormon how to get in contact with the missionaries, and the family sent us their info. The two daughters who are 20 and 14 haven’t been baptized, or even been to church. We’re excited to start working with them! And Sister Maluenda called me and told me my release date is July 13th. I love you mis Padres! How have you been? Wow that’s an awesome lesson Mama!

Week 79, ‘Martin Luther King Day’

January 18, 2016

Yo familia it’s been a good week! We played football and rugby with the Lavulavu fam for Martin Luther King Day and we played soccer against the Laredo South Zone. Now we’re all super sore! Elder Padron is heading to McAllen on Friday and he will stay there until he goes home on Wednesday. He’s really excited and nervous and sad to go home. I can’t think of anything to talk about. The mission is great though!

That’s so weird to think that julie is 17! I haven’t seen Melissa since Christmas. She seemed like she was doing great when I saw her though! I got my Christmas package and set up the tree and we all had hot chocolate. Thanks a ton Mama! And I read ur conversion story! It is so awesome! Would it be ok with you if I share it with people? I think it could help people a lot. I love you Mama!

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