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    Week 89, ‘Man Beaten & Left For Dead in the Rio Grande.’

Week 89, ‘Man Beaten & Left For Dead in the Rio Grande.’

March 28, 2016

Hey Peeps! It’s ur boy Elder Eisenhut. I hope y’all had a great Easter! We sure did, we ate a lot of meat and cake and then went to another house and ate a lot of meat and cake and then we died. Except we didn’t actually die. We just felt like we were going to because our stomachs were threatening to explode. I now understand what Holly must feel like carrying that baby around!

So earlier this week we had a very sad but cool experience. A man walked up to us on the street and asked us if we had any shoes he could use. He was really beat up, he was bleeding on his head and arms and chest and his socks were shredded up and he was limping. He told us that just a little while before he was in Mexico and some members of a powerful drug cartel kidnapped him and some of his extended family that he was with. They beat him until they thought he was dead and then threw him in the Rio Grande River, which divides the U.S. and Mexico. He somehow got enough strength to cross the river over to the U.S. side and soon after was when he ran into us. So we walked with him to the store to buy him some shoes and in the mean time I gave him my shoes. Tt was a 15-20 minute walk so we had time to talk to him and learn more about what happened and about his life story. He’s a really good, humble, hardworking man, and I was amazed because he was actually very positive even after all he had been through. We got him his shoes and talked a little bit more. He cried a little bit, thinking that his family members that he was with were probably all dead. We testified to him about God’s plan for us to be with our families after this life. He was very very grateful, and couldn’t thank us enough.

That experience humbled me a lot. I felt an overwhelming peace, and I remembered how much I think of myself and how many awesome blessings I have that I take for granted. I thought about all the times that I’ve just gone through the motions as a missionary, not really focusing on how to bless the lives of everyone around me. Through that experience God reminded me that I’m here in Texas to do exactly what Jesus Christ himself would do if He were here personally. It changed my attitude and my outlook on missionary work and life in general, and I will always be so grateful for that! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are awesome!

I love you dad! Natalia Vichareli set her own goal to be baptized on april 24th! It was a huge miracle! Thanks for the prayers. I know that helped a ton. We have been struggling to make contact with the other families but we are going to try by again tonight. I love you Mama!

Week 88, ‘People You Could Pray For!’

March 21, 2016

Dang that sounds like a crazy trial! I know you’ll win though, no one ever stands a chance against my Dada! I’ll be praying for you for sure. There’s lots of great people you could pray for!

– Carla and her family. Their 3 year old daughter died in a car crash 3 weeks ago so they are having a really tough time.

– Luis is a 22 year old guy with a girlfriend and a child with her. He wants to understand who God is and have a relationship with him. We’ve been struggling to get him to come to church so you could pray for that as well 😀

– The Vichareli family. The two parents got baptized 20 years ago and soon after went inactive but they’ve been coming back lately. We baptized the 14 year old daughter, Christhie, but they haven’t come to church since her baptism because of different things. The 21 year old daughter Natalie is scared to get baptized but we don’t know why. We are trying to help them all become more converted so that they can eventually be sealed in the temple.

My most spiritual experience this week was meeting Carla and her family. Even though they are going through a really hard time they have amazing attitudes and they are staying positive for their kids. A member from the church, Sister Pacheco, came to the visit with us and cried as she testified of the restored gospel. The Spirit was super strong! I love you familia!

Mama I’m hugging you in my mind! I love you mis Padres!

Week 87, ‘A New Sister In Our Zone!’

March 14, 2016

Hey Peeps! Lots of crazy things going on in Tmec! This week has been great! I survived through transfers. I’m staying in Laredo with Elder Jardine. And we got a new sister in our zone you might have heard of her, her name is SISTER STANFILL!!!! Heck ya! Sister Stanfill and I have been homies since 5th grade. I’m so pumped to be here with her! It’s so weird! And we serve in the same branch! She gave her first talk in Spanish this week and she did awesome. She’s basically Mexicana.

But anywho, Elder Jardine and I made a goal to talk to every possible person we could, and we saw some great miracles! On Thursday it was poring rain and we were on bikes so we were completely soaked all day it felt so good though! A random couple actually stopped and gave us a ride so that was awesome!

We talked to tons of different people who were really nice but none of them wanted to listen to the message we have. Near the end of the evening there was a guy standing out on his porch and I was exhausted so I almost ignored him but thank goodness Elder Jardine stopped me and we went and talked to him. His name is Luis and he’s a young guy with a wife and baby. He’s always believed in God but he doesn’t really know who He is, and he really wanted to find out. So we had an awesome talk with him and he’s really excited to learn more! That taught me that it’s pretty pointless to work super hard for a long time and then just give up at the end. If we’d just kept riding we would never have been able to help him!

Other news, I learned a new language this week. It’s called Japaspanglish. The Herrera family fed us dinner and the wife is from Japan and the husband is from Mexico so the whole time they were speaking a mix of English, Spanish and Japanese. It blew my mind haha! Dad if you and me combine our knowledge we can become Japaspanglish experts!

I love you peeps and I love the Lord and His work. The mission is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I haven’t always loved it, but I’ve learned through this experience that attitude really is everything. In the times when I didn’t love my mission it was because I chose not to love it, and the reason I love my mission now is because I choose to love it every day! Choose happiness people!!

That’s so crazy that Devin Woodside is a member! I remember him from Great Oak. That’s legit!

Awkward missionary pics (Below). Girls are yucky!

b's miss ladero melissa no touchy

Week 86, ‘Baptism!’

March 7, 2016

Hey Peeps! It’s been a great week. We baptized Christhie, one of the daughters in a family that stopped coming to church 20 years ago! Now they are all back, it’s so cool!

Well my life is a blurr and I probly have alzheimers (I don’t know how to spell it). I don’t know what happened this week, but the mish is great… lot’s of souls to be saved. Transfers are coming up this week but we still haven’t heard who’s leaving. We brought a ukulele out to work and sang to some random people on the street so that was fun. I’m sorry people I’m gunnu have a serious talk with my brain and tell it to start remembering my life. But for now all I remember is God loves you all, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and Life is awesome.

Week 85, ‘I got to touch the Rio Grande!’

February 29, 2016

Hey Peeps its ur boy Elder Eisenhut, or as most people same my name here, Elder IcyHot. I hope you all had an awesome week. I got to work with Elder Moss in Rio Bravo for a few days this week. It’s a super tiny town and we had a lot of fun. I got to touch the Rio Grande! We talked to this super cool guy named Ismael. At first he wasn’t very interested in churchy type stuff but after a while he allowed us to sit down and talk with him. We had a super cool lesson with him and by the end his whole demeanor completely changed! He was really interested and said that he really wants to come to church and check it out. He told us that he had never allowed missionaries to teach him before, but this time he felt a peace and felt that what we were saying was true. It was awesome to see that he felt the Holy Spirit!

On a less serious note, I also worked with Elder Gallegos this week, and we were biking and he looked back at me and while he was looking back he smashed into the curb and ate it super hard in the dirt it was hilarious. He didn’t get hurt so it’s all good. I was laughing super hard haha. And this week Elder Young slammed his front brakes and flipped over his handle bars and smashed his face on the pavement so now he looks like Two Face from batman. He’s fine though. I love you peeps!