Week 96, ‘Having a Great Attitude + Never Giving Up!’

May 16, 2016

Yo! We had meetings in McAllen for 3 days this week, and when we weren’t in meetings I got to work in my old area in Alamo! Last time I was there was a year ago so it was super fun to be back and see the peeps I love there.

One of the things we learned about in the meetings was having a great attitude and never giving up. President Maluenda shared us the story of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. He was commanded by God to get the scriptures (like the bible) from an evil man named Laban who was keeping them for himself. It would be very dangerous because Laban had many guards and could easily have Nephi and his brothers killed. Nephi and his brothers made two attempts to get the scriptures from Laban and failed both times, almost dying in the process. Nephi”s brothers wanted to give up and go home, but Nephi said that he would not go home until they had accomplished what the Lord commanded them to do. So he went to Laban’s house a third time, found Laban passed out drunk, and, by commandment of the Lord, killed him and got the scriptures.

Elder McFall and I had a Nephi-ish experience too! We were super lost and couldn’t find the house we were supposed to visit and our GPS wasn’t working and we didn’t have a phone. So we knocked on a random house to try to borrow a phone and no one answered. Then we asked some people in the street if we could use their phone and their phone was dead. Two fails. Then, when it seemed like all hope was lost, when we thought we might die in the streets of South Texas, out in the distance we saw a lady watering her plants. We said, ‘Now we will be like Nephi! We will be successful the third time!’ We courageously walked up to that woman and said, ‘We command thee to give us your phone!’ JOKE… we didn’t say that but that would be epic. But we used her phone and got directions to the house and lived happily ever after. So never give up people. Even when life gets cray cray, be like Nephi. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Also another day we were lost so we prayed to be guided to the people that needed us and we made a plan to walk down a street and talk to the first person we saw or if we didn’t see anyone we would knock the first door we felt like we should knock. So we started walking down the street and saw no one and then saw a house and felt like we should knock it so we did and met an awesome lady named Roxanne who just before we got there had been meditating and thinking about if God really exists. We had an awesome chat with her and she came to church yesterday! Miracles are the bestest! Woohoo!! Bye.

Week 95, ‘Mother’s Day Skype… Last One!’

May 9, 2016

Note: This was a short email because we had our Mother’s Day Skype (and LAST mission Skype for Elder Eisenhut) the day prior. It was so fun! We were in Utah, so Brennen got to see Lexi (new baby), Holly and Zach too!

From Brennen in response to me, ‘We’ll have plenty of time to talk more soon! It was awesome to see you guys! It’s so cool how much my fam has grown up. Like what the heck KK is a woman! And Holly is a mom! And Ur a Grandma! And dad is a Gran Pappy! And Katelyn is using a walker and has fake teeth! I love you Mama! 🙂

lexi born group in hosp

Week 94, ‘Workout on Pier + Lizzy’

May 2, 2016

Yo! It’s been a great week in good ol’ Corpus Christi. I visited a place called Rockport and did a workout on a pier looking over the beach. It was super cool to see the water. Also we met a lady from Riverside and we have been teaching her a little bit. She’s dope!

We had some young men come out with us to do missionary work and it was super fun. It was awesome to see how much they loved it. They’re gunnu be great missionaries one day! Other news, we have a pet now. I found the same lizard chillin’ in my shoe every morning so I named him lizzy. I found out that one of the past missionaries used to feed him every day so now he just chills in our apartment.

I read the letter. It’s awesome Mama! And Sister Allen told me she talked to you. She’s so cool! I told her she reminds me a lot of you haha. I’ll be praying for you Mama! You got this! I’m hugging you in my mind!

Check out the talk “living the gospel joyful” by Elder Uchtdorf. It’s awesome! I love you mis padres! Well I can’t think of what to talk about this week, but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are awesome! Bye!

Week 93, ‘Meeting with Elder Holland!’

April 25, 2016

Howdy humans! I got transfered!! I’m in Corpus Christie now and it reminds me a lot of California so it’s super weird haha. It’s really pretty and right near the beach and there are people of lots of different races here, not just Latinos! And everyone speaks English and we eat white people food and we’re allowed to stop eating if we’re full… what the heck?! So I love it here. I still feel a little culture shocked cuz I’m so used to the Tex-Mex culture but I’ll get back into the white person life soon haha.

And yesterday was awesome cuz all the missionaries in this mission went to Mcallen yesterday for a meeting with Elder Holland of the quorum of the 12 apostles! Heck ya! He is so great! We all felt the Spirit really strong when he walked into the room. He’s a super powerful teacher, and we could tell he loves us a lot. He spoke really highly of us individually and collectively as a mission. It was great to hear straight from an Apostle that we’re doing a good job! He talked a lot about the importance of depending on the Holy Ghost to guide us. He reminded us that having the Holy Hhost with us is just like Jesus Christ himself being with us all the time, which was a cool way to think about it. He also nearly cried when he talked about some missionaries losing their faith after their missions and he told us that if we ever lose our faith after our mission we better not run into him or we’ll be in trouble!

I love you peeps!

Week 92, ‘Elizabeth + An Incident Reported’

April 18, 2016

Hey Peeps! It’s been a great week! We played “Jesus Says” with the primary kids at church. It’s like Simon Says but with Jesus so that was pretty awesome and adorable. Also a while ago Elder Jardine and I wrote a song for our zone and we recorded it so I’ll see if I can send it to you guys.

We’ve been seeing miracles err day! The other day a teenage girl named Elizabeth came with us to visit a family that we have been teaching lately. Elizabeth is a new convert to the church and she had never gone to a lesson with the missionaries before so she was really nervous. We really wanted her to have an awesome experience and feel the joy of sharing her testimony so we prayed like crazy that everything would work out well. We knocked on the family’s door and no one answered. So we tried by another person who lives close by, but they didn’t answer either. Then we went to a third and a fourth house and STILL no one answered the door. We felt really bad cuz we really wanted Elizabeth to see how awesome missionary work is, so we all said a prayer together that we could find someone who needed us. Right after the prayer, someone we had met before that lived really close popped into our minds so we went and knocked her door and she opened! We had an awesome visit with her, and then she referred us to her friend that she felt we could help as well, so we visited her friend and Elizabeth shared her testimony with her. Elizabeth felt really good about it after, and we could tell that experience strengthened her faith. Heavenly Father is such a great guy!

Mark also wrote this to Bren this week:

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 4:08 PM, Mark Eisenhut wrote:
‘How would you like to be me, doing your work and minding your own business, when you are suddenly alarmed by an email report that your son was in an accident.

“An incident has been reported for your organization by Brennen Lemar Eisenhut at meisenhut@calljensen.com email address. Please see the attached summary report for details. If you have questions or would like to be contacted about this incident, please email us at riskincidents@ldschurch.org and reference the incident number. Regards, The Risk Management Claims Response Team”

As I read through the attached “report,” my horror was interrupted by this “detailed description”:

It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Laredo, Texas. The birds were chirping, the Catholics were praying, and the smell of tacos filled the air. It was like any other P-day, or so we thought. We were pulling in to our parking spot at our apartment complex. The right side of our parking space is a painted line, and the left side is a wall. Ever so carefully, we made a slow, sharp right turn into our parking space. When to our horror, the front left corner of our truck scraped against the wall.

You is bad boy!

tu Padre’

Bren responded, ‘Hahahah that’s hilarious!!’

I wrote, ‘It is so dang funny!!!!! U wrote that? It’s so YOU!!!!’

Bren responded, ‘Ya I wrote that. I just cant take those things seriously haha.’

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    Week 91, ‘A Baptism + Struggling w/ Same-gender Attraction.’

Week 91, ‘A Baptism + Struggling w/ Same-gender Attraction.’

April 11, 2016

Howdy from South Texas! It’s been a great week. Yesterday Elder Herrin and I got to go to Zapata to baptize a guy named Paul, who we taught when we were there 5 months ago. After I left Zapata Paul’s wife and son got baptized, so he was the last one. Now the whole family is on the path! Woohoo! It was a super funny baptism cuz this guy is HUUUGE. Like MUY grande. I’d say he’s a good 450 pounds. He’s a big boy. We walked far into the lake so the water was up to our belly buttons so that we didn’t have to tip him back very far. We each took a side of him and did a heroic mega-lunge and somehow got him down and back up with no problems. We felt like champions after that.

Also a cool miracle we saw this week was we were looking at a list of less active members of the Church and Elder Jardine felt really strongly that we needed to visit a certain person who was on the list. So we went there and that person wasn’t home, but their dad was there and didn’t have time to talk but he told us his neighbor could probly use a visit. So we went to the neighbor and her name is Natalie and she’s been receiving a lot of signs from God lately that its time to straighten out her life and follow Him, so she just poured out her heart to us and told us about her struggles and doubts and fears about God. She even told us that she feels unworthy to go to Church because she struggles with same-gender attraction. We helped her understand that we are all tempted in different ways, like some people feel tempted to drink alcohol and do drugs and others are tempted to get angry and be rude to people. Feeling tempted is not a sin, but acting on those temptations is a sin. We taught her about the atonement and testified to her that Jesus Christ loves her the way she is right now and can help her overcome her temptations. She felt the Holy Spirit very strong and decided to work toward being baptized and starting fresh. It was so cool to feel that God guided us to find her and then guided us to know what to say to help her. Have an awesome week peeps!

Mama and Dad, I love how you guys said ur missionary efforts have increased since I’ve been out. Y’all are stud missionaries! You could keep praying for the same people I sent you before, and for Natalie. U r so awesome! I love you!

bren's miss zapata baptism big man group

Week 90, ‘A Prayer for Food.’

April 4, 2016

Salutations humans! We had an awesome week! Elder Jardine and I made a legit rap for our zone we’ll have to record it and get rich.

One awesome miracle was that I was super hungry so I prayed to find some food and right after I prayed a lady waved us down and gave us some money to go get food! She is a member of the church but she hasn’t come in years, and when I told her that I had just been praying for food right before she came she was shocked! She called us the next day and told us that when I told her that, she felt a great feeling and she invited us over for dinner and asked us to bless her twin baby girls. We had dinner at her parents house, who are active members of the church. They bore testimony to her that her Heavenly Father loves her and that He is waiting for her to come back, all she has to do is reach out to Him. She cried as we blessed the babies, and she was very grateful that we came. It was so crazy to see how Heavenly Father made us cross paths right when we needed her and she needed us! So awesome!

We also had some really good meetings this week. We had a meeting with President Maluenda in McAllen on Thursday and then on Friday we had a meeting with all the missionaries in North Laredo. We had their parents send us voicemails talking about the blessings they have received as their child has been out serving a mission. Everyone felt the Holy Spirit very strong and there were a lot of tears. All the missionaries shared their thoughts and feelings after and they were all reminded of why they came out here on a mission in the first place and they were pumped to go serve everyone they can!

Thanks for ur voicemail Mama and Dada! I love you! Elder Holland’s talk was my favorite. It was a good “we got this” talk. We haven’t had contact with that man (that got thrown in the Rio Grande) but we will call him and see if we can find him again. I love you Pops!

I love you Mommy thanks for ur awesome voicemail! Thanks for the Easter gift! I got a bunny, book, grass, Toblerone, and chocolate eggs. Thanks Mama! I’m out of time but I’ve been doing really good. I’m hugging you in my mind!