Week 101, ‘Father’s Day!’

June 20, 2016

Online! Doing great! Have a happy 50th birthday Mama! Ur excitement is good, I’m gunnu give you an anaconda squeeze back haha.

All the missionaries that are going home this transfer had a Family Home Evening at the Maluenda’s house yesterday! The song I sent you is me and Elder Ivey doing a rap version of “Para Simpre Dios Este Con Vos” (God Be With You Till We Meet Again). I forgot most of the words cuz we wrote it like a month ago. 😀

Gracias Padre! Happy Father’s Day! I hope it was a good one. Ur the bestest dad in the world, fur realz! I’m seriously so grateful that I get to have you as my dad. You have taught me so much, both through ur words and ur actions. Ur example of selfless service, trusting in the Lord, and laughing and loving life has molded me so much! I hope I can be as good of a father and husband as you are! Your work ethic is incredible, your attitude is awesome, and your humility is so so amazing. Especially because you are so smart and successful, it’s incredible that that never gets to your head and you always depend on the Lord and put Him and your family above everything else. Thank you so much for teaching me to find happiness through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be a Fearless son of God. Thank you so much for loving my mama with all ur heart and for loving us kids and giving up everything for us. I can’t express enough how incredible I think you are and how much I really do love you. I love you so much dad. I’ll see you soon.

Tu hijo 😀

I gotta go. I love you mi familia! Que tengan una buena semana!

Below: Mark being spoiled on Father’s Day by his daughters @ home. 🙂

mark fathers day 2016

Week 100, ‘Countdown!’

June 13, 2016

Elder Eisenhut will return home 1 Month From Today! Here’s a funny exchange he had with his grama this week:

Irene Eisenhut:

Good morning Brenners!

Last night we realized it is exactly one month from today that we will be able to hug you into oblivion!!! Of course the rest of us may not get close to you because your mother will engulf you and never let go! Needless to say, she is over the top excited to have her boy home!
I’m guessing you are having a mix of feelings about reaching the end of your mission. I know you are much loved in your mission family and I get the feeling it is mutual. But being home with your own family, old friends and moving on to BYU must feel pretty exciting too.
I just want you to know how proud we all are of your dedication to the mission and the people and God you serve. Your spirit is awesome and your maturity is noticible.

Love and hugs my sweet,


Elder Eisenhut:

In one month I’m gunnu give you a ‘bushel and a peck and a squeeeeeze around the neck!!! Well, that’s only if I don’t pass out from my mama’s anaconda squeeze. If that’s the case, I will hug you lightly after I get out of the hospital. Wow I can’t believe its been almost 2 years! Are you in a wheel chair yet? I hope ur not all shriveled up like a raisin, but if you are I will still love you. I’m excited to see you soon Toots! I love you!

Week 99, ‘Super Cool Miracle!’

June 6, 2016

Hey Mis Padres! We saw a super cool miracle this week. On Saturday, a member of the church, Sister Blanco, asked us to try her neighbors across the street to see if they were interested in the gospel. We went and met a guy named Victor. He was super interested in the message cuz lately he’s been wondering if there’s a true church. We taught him about the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. The next day he came to church and he stood up at the pulpit during testimony meeting and told everyone about how we met him, and that it was a miracle that he listened to us cuz his parents usually ignore the missionaries. He said he’d stayed up til midnight reading the Book of Mormon and wanted to be a member of the church and he’s excited to be baptized on June 26th. What the heck?! That’s so crazy!!!