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Week 104, ‘My last email as a full-time missionary!’

July 11, 2016

Mom: ok Handsome… I can’t believe this day is actually HERE! So dang crazy right?! I am so interested in knowing what you’re feeling right now. How was your last Sunday in the mission field? What will happen for you in these next few days? Will you go to the Mission Home tomorrow and stay overnight there? How many other missionaries are going home on the same day as you? What are you thinking/feeling ?!?!?!?!?! Wow. So crazy.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BUD!!!! I can’t wait to hug you not in my mind but for realz in 2 days!!!!!!!!!! Let me know what’s going through ur sweet brain!!!!!!! Is it hard to leave the people??? Is it hard to say goodbye to your mission? I’m praying for you sweet boy. I’m sure you’re having many feelings.

Love u Bud,

Mama 🙂

Bren: yo mama! I’m super excited to come home! I’ve loved the mission but I’m super excited to move on. I’m not sad at all, I feel really good about the way ive served, and now i wanna see family and get barreled at da beach. and keep serving of course haha. having brooke and becky there would be great, honestly whoever you feel like you should invite go for it, i truely honestly no lie dont mind at all. it will be great. Sorry you guys have been sick i hope everyone gets healthy! I love you mama im excited to hug u in real life!!

Dad: Hey Bud! So great to hear from you one last time via email on your mission!!

What is the schedule from here to Wednesday? Do you say in your mission and keep working as usual, or are there different things going on as you transition home? I know here they go stay with the mission president, attend the temple, and then head home.

I love you! You got this – strong to the end!!


tu Padre

Dad again: Bud –
I know your return home is going to be absolutely AWESOME!! We have had huge challenges, obstacles, trials, etc., right as we’re working hard to prepare for your homecoming, which means we know the homecoming is going to be epic!

Step aside Satan, we got this!!

Love again!
tu Padre

Bren: yo! tomorrow all the people who are going home will be in at the mission office but i dont know what we’re gunnu do. then we’ll stay the night in mcallen, either at the AP’s house are other missionaries who live close by. then we’ll hop on the plane! oh by the way can you please send me ur credit card info so i can pay online to send my bike home? theres a website that lets you do it pretty cheap compared to others, probly like 45 dollars. its gunnu be a PARTAY!!!

Mom: Yay YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok … Write one paragraph of ending thoughts that I can put on ur blog ok? Then DONE!!!! SEE U IN TWO DAYS AND HUGGING U FOR REALZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bren: Aight peeps, well this is it. My last email as a full-time missionary! Serving a mission is the coolest experience ever! I’ve grown so much in these last 2 years! I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people and see people make changes in their lives through Jesus Christ. I cant thank my Heavenly Father enough. His plan for us, His children, is perfect. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so real and so true. Jesus Christ really is our Savior. He suffered for all our sins and pains and sicknesses and heartbreaks and scraped knees and bad hair days and everything, literally EVERYTHING we go through. But we don’t get to use that gift He’s given us if we don’t obey Him. True happiness comes through following Him. And I got to preach about Him for two years straight. That’s a super dang awesome privilege! One thing I’ve learned is that Heavenly Father really doesn’t need us to get His work done, but He lets us be a part of it so that we can learn and grow and become more like Him in the process. I know that even though the church and gospel that Jesus Christ set up on the earth was lost after His death and the deaths of His apostles, it has been restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that God and Jesus Christ really did appear to him and really did choose him to be a prophet like Moses, Abraham, and Noah. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that this is true because I asked my Heavenly Father about it through prayer, and He let me know that it is true through the Holy Spirit. I love you peeps, I hope to see you all soon!

Dad: I love it Bud! You are awesome! I can’t wait to see you and hug you!

Mom: Kabbammmmmm!!!!!! And that’s a wrap Peeps!

Bren: I gotta log off I love you mis padres ill see you in 2 days woohoo!!!!

Mom: Woooo Hooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!