Week 59 ‘Broken AC!’

Yo! I’ll keep praying for Mama!  I’m hugging her in my mind!  She got dis!! It’s been a good week here. A little bit of rain here and there.  It’s starting to cool down a little bit.  But our AC broke so its 90 degrees in our apartment!  We can handle it cuz we’re used to the heat.  Plus the Jansen fam brought some fans over so that helped a ton!  A guy should be coming today to fix it.  We did 3 days of meetings as a zone this week.  It was a mini version of the 3 day meeting that we had in McAllen.  So now we’re all spiritually fed a ready to go!  2 kids from an inactive family came to church for their 5th time this Sunday!  If kids are coming without their parents they have to come to church 8 times before they get baptized, so they’re gonnu get baptized in 3 weeks!  We’re pumped!  Their names are Alik and Zera.  Also we found a guy named Daniel, who we found our very first week here.  He moved and we lost contact, but we found him again the other night and we’re so pumped!  He’s super awesome! He and his girlfriend Alisha are 18 and they have a baby boy.  Our lessons with them were going really well 3 months ago so we’re excited to work with them again!  How are the girls doing?  I love u guys!  How’s my tuff mama?  U should catch up on 24 while ur recovering!  How are the horsies?

Week 58 ‘Back to Edinburg!’

Sounds like you guys have had some crazy weeks! Ya Elder Acosta and I are still here with the white people in Harlingen!  It’s funny, I’ve been out here for 13 months and I still feel like i just got here. Time just flies by so insanely fast on the mission!  My Spanish has gotten slightly rusty since I’ve left, just cuz I hardly ever speak it.  It’s still pretty good though.  I’m just forgetting words here and there, but Elder Acosta and I have been speaking Spanish to each other a few hours a day to practice. I miss speaking Spanish and just the Mexican culture in general!  I love the people here a ton, but if I go to a Spanish speaking area i’ll be pumped haha.

I had a really awesome week!  We had 3 days of meetings in McAllen with our Mission President, President Maluenda. He’s is an incredible man! We learned about a lot of great things, like how to show our faith through actions, to always look for opportunities to serve people, to plan well so that we can use the Lord’s time effectively, and just overall how to be better people and better missionaries! It was so awesome.  I learned so much it’s ridiculous!  I have pages and pages of notes and now I just hope I can actually remember all the stuff so I can apply it haha. So during those three days I stayed in Edinburg, where I was the first 3 months of my mission!  I stayed in the same apartment that I lived in before and got to see some of my friends from there!  It felt so weird to be back there!  At the meeting I got to see my old companion, Elder Johnson.  I’ve missed that fool! And there were some crazy lightning storms.  I’ve never seen that much lighting in my life!  It poured super hard, and on Friday when I was back in Harlingen with Elder Acosta we were heading down a path on our bikes to an appointment we had and all of a sudden we got to a part that was completely flooded, so we were like ‘oh shoot’, but if we turned around we would be super late to our appointment.  So we decided to just go for it even though we couldn’t even see where the flooding ended.  When we first started riding through the water it was just a few inches deep, but it slowly got deeper and deeper until it was up above our knees.  At that point we just said YOLO!!  It was probly about 50 yards or so and we were just soaked after.  It felt great though cuz it was so hot outside!  So then we went the rest of the day with wet pants and shoes. We got a lot of weird looks.  Good times!
That’s so cool that the girls wanted to go to the temple!  Awesome!  They’re spiritual studs!  And that’s awesome that u headed that service project… ur so cool dad!  I love that story about Paul too.  I’ve never heard that scripture. I wrote it down so I can share it with people this week.  This week has been so awesome!!!  It was so cool to see Sister Cavasos!!  And Karla and Geu and Olga were there too! Geu is a 10 year old boy that me and Elder Johnson baptized!  We were joking and laughing the whole time and it was so much fun!  We ate menudo, which I hate.  It’s a soup with cow stomach in it and its super chewy and smells like poop, like it literally smells like a sewer,  but I loved it cuz it was Mexican food and it made me realize I’ve actually missed the challenge of eating food I don’t want to eat!  And it was awesome to see Elder Johnson!!  President Maluenda blew my mind in the meetings this week.  He’s amazing!  I learned so many great things and I’m so excited to make great changes!  I love you guys!  I’ll see if i can borrow a cord that works with this camara so I can send pics!  I love you!

Week 50 ‘Called to be a District Leader and Bike Crash’

Big news!! I just got called to be a District Leader!  I’m super excited! I think it will be really good for me cuz it will help me get my mind off myself. I still don’t know where I will be, but I’m pretty sure I will still be with Elder Acosta!  My guess is I will stay in the same area.  We’ll find out tonight hopefully!  Other news about this week- during the exchange with Elder Riding, Elder Riding ate it super bad on his bike!  But don’t worry he didn’t get hurt.  It was hilarious though!  We were going from the street to the side walk and the lip of the side walk was bigger than usual. I got up it just fine, but a few seconds later I heard a skid and a crash and I looked back and Elder Riding was on his feet with his hands in the air like he just landed an intense gymnastics trick.  When he hit the lip of the sidewalk he got bucked off his bike and rolled on the ground and then landed on his feet!  It was a pretty busy street so some cars stopped to see if he was ok and I was just cracking up!  But anyways, he ruined his chain so we walked the bikes home and got a member to take us to the bike shop to get it fixed. Good times!

Week 48 ‘Down 10 lbs and Bathroom Cleaner’

Hey people!  It’s been a great week!  Every week just flies by crazy fast it’s ridiculous. And then I sit down at the computer and the whole week just leaves my brain.  I can never remember what the heck we did!!  I just remember that we biked a lot, sweated a lot, visited a ton of awesome people, and drank a ton of water!  This area has been good for me cuz I gained 15 pounds in Alamo and I’ve lost like 10 so far here!  It’s probly all water weight but still!!

We’re working with a lot of super cool people who want to get baptized so we should be having some baptisms coming up soon!  Super pumped!   Elder Acosta is my best friend in the mission.  We’re having a ton of fun together, just laughing 24/7.  We have a lot of great investigators, but it’s been hard to get them to church. We have a goal to baptize one person this month, but there have been some changes in the requirements to baptize, and people have to come to church at least 4 times before they get baptized. So right now we don’t have anyone who’s come to church enough to get baptized this month, but we are really determined to hit our goal. I really want Elder Acosta to feel the amazing spirit of helping someone get baptized.  So we are going to be praying like crazy for a miracle and working really hard to find former investigators and part member families that have been to church enough times to qualify for baptism this month!  Training a new Elder in an area that’s new to both of us has been pretty stressful at times, but it’s been great for me. I’m learning how to manage stress well and just stay positive and enjoy every second of it.
Last Monday we did a dart war with a bunch of other missionaries.  We all got pvc pipes and and nerf darts and played Capture the Flag.  We were like those random African tribes that wreck people with blow darts.  But we weren’t wearing loin clothes so we weren’t quite that  cool.
I used this bathroom cleaner this morning that I think might have chlorine in it cuz it smelled just like the pool. I miss that smell!!

Week 47 ‘My Son and Back in the States’

Wuddup peeps! I cant remember if I already told you about my son, but ya, I have a son! I’m training a new missionary named Elder Acosta, and in the mission when we train someone we them them our son! Elder Acosta is so dope!! We’ve been having a great time in Harlingen. We go to an English church here, which feels so weird after speaking so much Spanish the past few months. I feel like I’m in the states again!!  It’s so different here, we don’t get fed mystery food like roadkill armadillo! But we did see a roadkill armadillo the other day. It was not pretty. It made me realize how crazy it actually is that I ate one of those haha. Me and Elder Acosta are getting in great shape riding bikes all day! Being on bikes has made me realize how many horrible drivers there are in this world. We’ve almost died a few times, but don’t worry we are both still in one piece….for now. Thank goodness the Lord is protecting us. Well other news, some of the other missionaries we work with baptized some peeps this week! It was dope! And we brought some peeps to church and they will be getting baptized at the end of this month! Woot woot!! Super pumped.
Great job getting that new temple on wheels Mama! You should drive that thing to McAllen so all the illegals can do their work! That’s so crazy that Devin and Paige got married, so dope!  Your testimony sounds like it was awesome dad! We need more people like you and Mom in this world! I love you guys!

Week 46 ‘Hirardo Got Baptized’

THATS SO DOPE that Hirardo go baptized!!! And remember when you first starting going with the missionaries to teach Beatris and Satan tried to make you feel like a bad missionary?  Well now you just kicked Satan in the face!! KO!! Kabaam!!  That’s awesome Mama. That’s so cool how awesome you and Dad are with missionary work. That’s where success in missionary work comes from. Every baptism I’ve had so far on my mission has been through a member! That’s how the Lord wants us to do it, and when we do it His way, He blesses us!!  The work is going great here, we found a lot of new investigators last week and we’ve been getting to know the members better. The members are so great here! The other day me and Elder Acosta were super hungry so we called the Sanchez family and asked them if we could stop by and grab a snack, but instead they took us out to Subway! They’re so great.  You and Sister Sanchez would be awesome friends. I’l. have her look you up on fb next time I see her.

Week 45 ‘Elder Acosta and Harlingen’

I’m in a new area now!  Mijo and I are in Harlingen in an English ward. It’s so weird!  I went from ghetto Mexican area to nice white people area. And people feed us white people food here! like pasta and salad and bread! what the heck?? And they don’t feed us ridiculous amounts of it!  White people culture feels so weird to me now!  And we don’t have a car, so we bike all day, it’s so much fun! So with the combination of that and not eating ridiculous amounts of food, I’ve lost like 6 pounds this week. I feel great!

My son’s name is Elder Acosta.  He’s from Spanish Fork, just like Elder Johnson! They know each other, so that’s super cool.  He’s 18 and he just graduated early in January. He’s really funny and full of energy, he’s a ton of fun!  He’s gunnu be really good for me. It’s pretty crazy being the senior companion in an area that neither of us know, especially cuz the last missionaries left us pretty much no notes at all about the work they were doing in this area. So we’re just starting from scratch!  It’s kinda overwhelming but it’s been great, we’ve been having a ton of fun.  We live with two other missionaries, Elders Ward and Alonzo, and the’yre both awesome! Elder Ward is training Elder Alonzo, and they’re both really fun guys.

Week 21 ‘Da Miss’

Salutaions family! This has been a pretty crazy week! I got transferred to Alamo South, which is only like 15 miles from Edinburg. I spent monday evening saying by to all my peeps in Edinburg and then on tuesday I headed off to Alamo. My new companion is Elder Johnson, and we are both new to this area so we’ve spent the week basically just getting to know the area and figuring out what the heck to do! We met a lot of the members that live here and they are great! I’m really excited to get to know them better. We met a Spanish speaking member named Brother Gonzalez (i’m pretty sure…) and he loves the name Eisenhut and every time he says it he does this salute thingy, he’s a funny guy! There’s a lot of Spanish here so hopefully my Spanish will improve a ton while I’m here! I wuv u guys!

Week 20 ‘Getting Transferred and Thanksgiving’


Salutations family! I’m getting transferred to a new area tomorrow but I haven’t found out where yet. I’m excited though! This has been a great week. Thanksgiving was awesome! We visited 5 different member families and ate three thanksgiving dinners and took a bunch of food to go. We were stuffed! And we ate another thanksgiving dinner with a family yesterday. I think I ate more thanksgiving food this week than I’ve eaten my whole life! And I’ve liked it more this year than I ever have, probably cuz its a good change from the Mexican food haha. I love u guys! I wanna hear from Katie and Kk I haven’t heard from u in a while!

Week 19 ‘Growing and Becoming Converted’

That’s so cool that Alex Boye gave a fireside! I love him. Me and Elder Anderson listen to him in the car sometimes. I’ve been using my fearless mind journal off and on. I really need to get better at it. The mission life is so fast paced it’s hard to remember haha. But whenever I use it it helps, so I just need to buckle down and start doing it every day.

My mission really has been an amazing experience so far. We helped a guy wash his semitruck this week! I’m learning a ton. I can’t remember who said this, but a leader said that Heavenly Father sends us to the missions that will help us to become the people He knows we can be. I never realized how much this mission is actually about my own conversion. Leaders seem to emphasize a lot that the most important thing in our missions is that we grow and become converted. It’s so cool!

For my birthday he sisters got me some birthday pumpkin pie and ice cream and I opened my classy food basket!

For Thanksgiving we’re gunnu be eating with 3 or 4 separate families so we are gunnu be stuffed haha. I love u guys! Thank u for the food basket! That was probably the classiest birthday present I’ve ever gotten!