Salutations errbody! This is yo home boy elder bdiddy eisenhut! Sounds like u had an awesome time in oc! I’m totes jealous. Make sure to shred some sick gnars for me. And shralp some nectors too if u get a chance. For those of u who are not fluent in surfese, that means ride some large and enjoyable waves that give you a pleasant adrenaline rush and boost the rate at which your blood is pumping through your body.

Well the mish is still going great! We had a really interesting experience the other day. We were at a wad party at the church Saturday night, and the bishop pulled me and elder Anderson aside and introduced us to a man named Javier. He had been looking for a church, and he saw the sign on our church that says ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Visitors Welcome’ and he felt God prompting him to come in, so he did. He’s a pretty hard core guy. He told all about his hard life he’s had in gangs, and most of his friends are in jail now, so he decided it was time to fix his life up. He’s never been to church, but he has really strong faith in God and Jesus Christ.

We talked to him for a while that night and he came to church yesterday. He loved it! He said he felt really happy there and he knows it is the house of the Lord. And he wants to be baptized! So we are going to teach him, and if he makes all the changes in his life that he needs to, he will be able to be baptized! woot woot!

I’m so excited for him. It was such an amazing miracle that God lead him exactly where he needs to be. I know this church is true and that God knows us all individually. I love u all!