Aug 27, 2014

Hola familia! I can’t believe holly’s married! what the heck!! That’s so crazy. I ‘even believe it! I’m glad everything went well with the wedding, it sounds like everyone had a great time!

I can’t believe this is my last week in the MTC! These past few weeks have gone by crazy fast. I’m so excited for Texas!! It’s so hard to think of stuff to tell u guys cuz every day in the MTC is almost exactly the same! But I’m sure I will have a lot of exciting things to tell you when I get to Texas.

I’m still working really hard and having a lot of fun! I’ve learned a ton in the MTC its crazy! The first lesson I ever taught in Spanish me and Elder Baum just read out of Preach My Gospel cuz we had no idea how to say anything. Now I can teach the gospel pretty comfortably and fluently in Spanish! I still sound like a gringo and it’s way slower than the Latinos, but I’ve improved a ton! It’s still hard to have normal conversations in Spanish cuz we pretty much only study gospel related vocab here, but I know I’ll get a hang of it eventually in McAllen!

I think I might be able to email on Saturday since I’m leaving on Monday, but I’m not 100% sure. So u might get another email from me on Saturday! I love you guys so much and I miss you all a ton! Hasta luego!

Very cute email Brennen sent to his sister Katelyn:

Katieeeeee!!! I miss u so much! Ya I set a record for most hospital trips at the MTC haha. I’m the only one who has ever had to go twice here!

I don’t know any of those teachers but I hope they turn out good. And don’t worry about Spanish- when i get fluent I can help you!

The MTC is pretty good. The food isn’t that great though haha. Most of it tastes like it came from a can… but its ok cuz they have bananas and peanut butter so I eat that a lot haha. We have 50 minutes of gym time every day and they have a weight room so its great! And on Pday we play a lot of sports. My companion is really cool. He’s really funny and outgoing and we have a ton of fun together. We´re always laughing. All the people in my district are really fun. There are 11 people in my district. A district is the people who you do everything with, its like my class.

The best advise I can think of for sophomore year is advice that can make any situation great…have an attitude of gratitude and always focus on others. If u always try to find ways to serve people, you will be happy all the time. Last year every morning I wrote down three ways I would serve people during the day, and it made school a lot more enjoyable. When u focus on others you forget about your own problems. I don’t know if this helped cuz your already really good at serving others, but that’s the best i got right now haha.

I miss you a ton! I love you!