Aug 6, 2014

¡hola familia! Sounds like the Utah trip was great! That’s awesome!

This week started out pretty rough but the last few days have been awesome!  There’s a lot of work to do at the MTC. We do pretty much the same thing every day. We wake up at 6:20 and go to breakfast at 7. then we do personal study for about an hour. then a teacher teaches us Spanish and teaching skills for about three hours. Then we have Additional Study, which can be personal, companion, or language study. That’s for a half hour. Then we go to lunch. Then we do language study for an hour (without a teacher). Then we have gym time for an hour. Then we go to the computer lab to do TALL, which is technology assisted language learning.  That is for one hour. Then we have additional study for a half hour and daily planning session for a half hour. Then we go to dinner. Then we have more additional study for an hour. Then we have three more hours of language and teaching study with a teacher. and we teach an investigator a full lesson in Spanish every day. in the morning every other day and in the evening every other day.  We go to our dorms at nine thirty and bedtime is at 10:30.  Then we wake up and do it again!

So I was feeling overwhelmed, but then on Sunday morning I had my companion, Elder Baum give me a blessing to enjoy the MTC and learn the language and I’ve felt great ever since! This is the hardest I’ve ever worked but it’s a lot of fun. I love practicing my Spanish and learning how to be a good teacher. I’m slowly starting to understand how to connect with my investigators and make them feel loved and adjust the lesson to meet their specific needs. I’ve realized this week that it is super duper flippin important to teach through conversation instead of just preaching on and on about the doctrine. So I’m gunnu try to improve on that a lot this week!

brensmission mexico city view
brensmission 2
brensmission 1

This week two sisters in my district asked me and my companion to give them blessings to learn the language and enjoy the MTC. It was sooo cool that they asked us and it was so awesome to be able to do it for them.  Also this week the Latino elders in our apartment, Elder Aguilar and Elder Flores, left and we were so sad! They are so fun to be around. But Elder Aguilar said he wants to become my brother in law so watch out girls! I told him Holly’s getting married at the end of this month but he said its not too late til she gets sealed in the temple.  So watch out Holly you might be getting some emails from a random Latino missionary!  We have new Latino missionaries in our apartment now and they are really cool too. It’s so fun to practice Spanish with Latinos!

And about my stitches- I got four of them and the doctor at the MTC took them out on Monday. I’m as good as new!  And ya mama you can send me what Elder Santana wrote on his blog and what you wrote on my blog! I miss you guys so much. but I’m doing my best to get lost in the work and im really enjoying it. I have a ton of fun with my companion and my district. We´re always laughing!  I love you guys so so so flippin much!  Holly I know ur seminar is gunnu be great!  You are so good at public speaking and Heavenly Father will be with you every step of the way! I love you all! I’ll type ya next week!

Below is what Elder Santana wrote in his blog this week that included Brennen.  Funny story!  Elder Aguliar is a Latino, Spanish speaking missionary trying to learn English haha. 🙂

‘Elder Aguliar moved out of the apartment and into a house on Sunday, it was very sad for us all. He is so much fun to have around and we always have the strangest conversations. During lunch with him, he took a picture of all of us and said that it looked like the last supper because he is leaving on his mission Tuesday. He said Elder Eisenhut was his disciple and that one day he could be the master, it was really funny! He also said that Eisenhut would be The Pope, we were all confused by that one. At dinner Aguilar was asking us what “holy crap” was, so Elder Baum told him what crap was. Then a little while later, Elder Eisenhut gets some peanut butter, and apparently Aguilar has never seen peanut butter before, so as soon as he saw it he said sort of loudly, “What the (heck) is that! Is that holy crap?!”