ugust 27, 2014

Hey Mama! I’m allowed to email a little bit today since I’m leaving on Monday. I’m leaving the MTC at 3:30 in the morning on Monday and my flight from here to Dallas is at 7:30. I’ll get there at 10:30 and then I’ll have a few hours until my flight to McAllen. I can’t remember the exact hours right now and I accidentally left the flight plans in my room! But I’ll have lots of other missionaries with me the whole time. There’s a ton a people going to McAllen! And I’ll be with my companion Elder Baum until we get to Dallas, then he’s headed to South Dakota. He’s the only one going to South Dakota!

I’m honestly doing great right now. My teacher Hermano Castellanos has helped me a TON. He helped me realize that a lot of times when I teach I’m more worried about making a good impression on the investigator than just trusting the spirit to guide the lesson. He helped me learn more about charity and humility, so this week I learned a lot about teaching with pure love and a pure desire to help the investigator and letting the spirit teach through me and not worrying about the things I’m gunnu say or what the investigator will think of me if I make a mistake. He also taught me to enjoy the experience through the hard times and easy times, and to be happy with myself even when I know I’m struggling in certain areas- enjoy improving. I still have a lot of improving to do but I’ve made mucho progress!

Food here isn’t the best, we eat a lot of meat but its all pretty low quality, not very fresh tasting haha. But we have Costco pizza once a week! And they have bananas and peanut butter and salad and watermelon and lots of other good fruit so I eat that a lot.

I can’t believe I’ll be in McAllen in two days! I’m kinda nervous but I’m really excited! It’s gunnu be so amazing. I love you and miss you so much Mama!

September 1, 2014

Padre! I’m glad u guys got the dress! That’s crazy! Well I’m here in Texas now. It feels so surreal. It hasn’t quite hit me yet that I’m actually a missionary.

Yesterday the Assistants to the President taught us a lot about the McAllen mission. We all met individually with President Maluenda and he is really cool. He’s gunnu be great for me I can tell. He and his wife are extremely loving. All us newbies ate dinner at their house last night, then I spent the night at some missionaries’ apartment and this morning we had breakfast at their house and then we went to the church building and found out our new areas and trainers.

I’m serving in Edenberg East within the McAllen North Stake. My companion Elder Anderson seems great. I haven’t gotten to know him great yet but he’s really nice and funny. Today we are emailing cuz they didn’t get to email yesterday cuz the library was closed. Then we are gunnu go grocery shopping, and we are gunnu go visit some members and investigators later.

I had a pretty cool experience in the Mexico City airport. Me and another elder went and sat next to a man and started talking to him. He eventually asked us why we had been in Mexico and we explained that we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He thought it was great that we were serving missions and he told us that he is baptist and his son has served a few missions for the baptist church. We had a great conversation about the similarities between our beliefs, and I eventually showed him a Book of Mormon and told him a little bit about it. He said he has read it before and he doesn’t really believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet and he doesn’t think there can be just one right religion. We told him about the apostasy and the restoration of Christ’s church and God’s priesthood authority to run the church and perform saving ordinances. We also told him about the Moroni’s promise to us that if we read the book of Mormon, ponder over it, and pray about it, Heavenly Father will tell us that it is His word and Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God. He still didn’t buy it too much but he still expressed his gratitude to us and wished us all the best on our missions. It was so cool how friendly he was and how much faith he had in Jesus Christ. I felt the spirit so strong as I was talking to him. It felt so easy to follow the spirit to know what to say, and I really felt pure love for him. It was so cool. It got me so excited for missionary work!

Also we met a catholic monk which was really interesting. He was wearing a black robe, and before I met him I thought it was a Snuggie. He was so cool. He was probably in his thirties and he was super friendly and hilarious! I didn’t get to talk to him too much cuz we had to start boarding the plane, but it was cool to meet him briefly!

I’m still feeling a little nervous, but I know I’m gunnu love my mission. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly Christ’s restored church on the earth! And I’m so excited to share this with the people here cuz I know they will find true happiness through this message. I love you all so much and I miss you!