Is it in…or out?  Wallpaper is BACK IN, and there’s no better way to transform a room than with a gorgeous roll of wallpaper.  But it can be difficult to accomplish.  Why?  Because very few stores exist currently where you can view wallpaper books in person.  It’s kind of like record stores…they simply don’t exist anymore.  So, what’s a designer to do? That was my dilemma a few months back.

Here are a few things that helped me tackle the wallpaper dilemma:

1.  Realize it’s actually an advantage that we now have everything online.  You can now simply Google, “yellow toile wallpaper images” for example, and hundreds of images will pop up before your very eyes.  Once you sift through the images that are actually wallpaper for computer screens haha, you will still have plenty of images to choose from.  When you click on the image you will usually find a reference to the name or pattern # of the paper.  You can now go to one of the numerous sites like American Blinds Wallpaper and More to place your order, or simply save the photo on your Pinterest Wallpaper Board for later possible ordering.
wp blog 1 rectangle
wp blog 1 my wallpaper!

2.  Understand that you are going to need to spend a few dollars ordering samples.  How a wallpaper looks on your computer screen is not necessarily a strong indication of how it will look in person.  Obviously lighting makes a difference, and numerous other factors.  Even patterns may look a certain way online, and different up close and personal. Understand that you are going to need to order samples at $3-5 each until you find that certain wallpaper that works for you.  I recommend budgeting at least $50 for samples.  Wallpaper is a relatively costly investment, therefore “try before you buy”.

3.  Once your samples arrive remember “less is more” when it comes to wallpaper.  If your wallpaper is a busy pattern, it will look even busier when hung.  If it’s bright, even brighter when hung.  Keep this rule of thumb in mind when trying to achieve the look you desire.  I personally love wallpaper in bathrooms, on single walls, or even as many designers are doing now, just in a relatively small squares or rectangles.  Wallpapers make a statement behind couches, bed frames, etc.  But, once in a while, a fully wallpapered ballroom, dining room or entryway can look absolutely phenomenal in wall to wall paper, especially if wainscoting and trim/moldings are present. Therefore, wallpaper away!  It’s fun…what’s the worst that can happen?!


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Master Bedroom Inspiration

wp blog 1 my wallpaper!

Not my room (to the left) but this is the wallpaper I had hung on one wall of my master bedroom recently. Love it so much I may do all four walls!

I have wainscoting 1/3 of the way up and crown molding on top (to the right) so it may work.

Visualizing Z Gallery white fabric headboard (above) against it. We’ll see!

wp blog 2 my room
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Hello world!

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my blog.  I’m so excited to visit with you and share ideas… and truly hope ‘Lifestyle by Katherine’ will add value to your life in 2014!  Here we go… Don’t you just love Orange?  Just looking at this collage brightens my day… hope it does yours as well!

Have a great one,

Katherine 🙂

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