If you have ever felt insecure, inadequate or uncomfortable about your decorating, please do me a favor and read, ‘Inspired You’, by Miss Mustard Seed (www.missmustardseed.com) Marian Parsons.  What a breath of fresh air!  I had the wonderful opportunity of reading the first few chapters on my way to Texas yesterday, and wow, was I inspired!

“It’s pretty rare to have all the time, money, and skills required to turn every square foot (of your home) into all your heart desires,” Marian states.

She continues, “We’re constantly bombarded with images of gorgeous rooms in magazines, on TV, and all over the home-decorating blog world.  It’s easy to feel like everyone is good at it but you.  Like everyone is living in an “after space” and you’re sitting around in your “before”, hoping a celebrity designer with a crew will show up on your doorstep.”  (Haha…I’ve so felt that way, have you!?)

Then she adds, “I am not denying that it would be awesome for that crew to swoop in and create a dream home in three days, but there is so much satisfaction and self-discovery that comes when YOU transform your home.  I’m talking to YOU.  YOU can create a beautiful home.”

“Let’s now redefine what a beautiful home is.  It’s not about big budgets and magazine-quality perfection; it’s about making the best of what you have and finding contentment despite what you don’t.  It’s not about keeping up with the hottest trends, style setters, or the neighbors; it’s about creating a space that feels inviting, is functional for your family and shows off the style and interests of the people who live there.  You don’t need a huge budget, a degree in interior design, or to start with a dream home.  Your journey can start today, with what you already know, what you have, and whatever time your schedule allows.”

I just love that!  I must admit, I’ve never read a decorating book in my life, or even a decorating blog until yesterday.  But I bought this book for a reason, and now I know why!  It has already changed my life!  As I’ve mentioned before,  ”The day I let go of what others think of my decorating style was a great day. I honestly just like throwing things together until I get that “yes” feeling… and that’s the extent of it!  It’s fun, and doesn’t have to be “perfect” or “right”.

Let me fill you in on something, I have felt inadequate at times…and looked at what “wasn’t” done in my house or on my ranch.  I’ve looked at some of the gorgeous things my neighbors have done to their yards and thought, “bummer…I’ll never be able to afford that.”  I’ve looked at my overall decor style and thought, “it’s too frilly…people must think it looks outdated.”  I’ve wanted to get a decor project done, and simply not had the time to do it without sacrificing my family’s well being, and thought, “I’ll never have the home I truly desire.”  … And then I’ve had to change my thinking, and get into gratitude … FAST!

‘Inspired You’ has helped me feel better about my decision to let go of that crazy imagined image of perfection I get from time to time, that simply doesn’t exist.

One day I posted on my Facebook wall, “My house would be clean, but we live here.”   You would be amazed at the number of likes/comments I got from stressed out women just basically saying, “Thank you!  I needed that!”

When it comes to decor, most of us are limited by time, money and skills, and that’s the reality.  No one lives in model homes, and that’s why they stay perfectly clean all the time.  Let’s be grateful for what we have and for how far we’ve come:

I remember Mark’s and my first apartment…it was 600 sq. feet with avocado counter tops , green cement tile floor, and ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings.  Somehow we turned that into a little dream home where our first two children were born. And it was wonderful.  That’s the kind of stuff that truly matters, and that’s the kind of spirit with which I want to approach the decor of my current home.

Have a wonderful day, and I hope you enjoy ‘Inspired You!’

Katherine 🙂