I recently received this question from a friend, ” I know that you attend a lot of leadership summits and read books of the like. Do you have any book or summit/conference suggestions?”

I thought it might be fun to turn my response to her into a Blog post.  Some of you may know I have been involved in the Network Marketing industry over the last 20 years. I started with Mary Kay Cosmetics waaaaay back in the day, then Southern Living @ HOME, then Arbonne International.  I am currently with Jewel Kade, a handmade artisan jewelry and decor company out of Alpine, Utah whose mission is “Reminding Women Everywhere of the Power Within”, and I could not be happier.

There are many perks to being involved in Network Marketing.  Some are:

1.  The ability to start your own “franchise” for an extremely minimal start up fee, thus allowing most people to become “cash positive” within their first few months of business.

2.  The ability to work from home or other remote locations.

3.  The ability to set one’s own work hours.

4.  The ability to “be one’s own boss” and therefore promote when one desires.

5.  The ability to leverage one’s time and earn residual income.

One of the MAIN perks to me though, is the ability to receive continual (almost free) leadership training.  I love that in order to be successful at Network Marketing one needs to constantly grow oneself as a Leader.  Most Network Marketing companies (such as Nu Skin, Beach Body, Jewel Kade, etc.) offer constant leadership training.

The Summit I just attended was the Annual Leadership Summit that Jewel Kade offers its’ Crystal Leaders and above.  It was absolutely phenomenal of course!  What I love most though, is that the leadership skills I learn at these type of events help me in all aspects of my life…in leading myself, my family, my church/volunteer work, AND my Jewel Kade Team better.  It’s a “Win-Win” for all!

Outside the Network Marketing industry, I have found the work of John Maxwell to be excellent.  John C. Maxwell is an author, speaker, and pastor who has written more than 60 books, primarily focusing on leadership. Titles include The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow. His books have sold more than nineteen million copies with some on the New York Times Best Selling List.

My daughter Holly, is also an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker on The John Maxwell Team. (www.johnmaxwellgroup.com)  John’s mentorship program has been invaluable in Holly’s life, as she has been able to attend quite a few of his seminars and spend time with him personally, by being on the John Maxwell Team.

Of course there are many other inspiring authors and speakers to choose from, on a variety of subjects.   I recommend doing a least 15 minutes of personal development daily by reading, listening, or watching your favorite books, CD’s or videos…on whatever subject your trying to improve on at the time.  For example, I’ve recently been reading a fabulous home decor book entitled, “Inspired You”, by Marian Parsons…it’s helped me tremendously in that area of my life…so much so that I wrote my last Blog post on it.

Let’s enjoy learning, and remember, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  –Benjamin Franklin

Have a wonderful day,

Katherine 🙂