Interior Design – Katherine Eisenhut

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“Some girls get giddy over a new pair of shoes or an outfit that redefines their image.  I get giddy over room makeovers.” –Marion Parsons

Katherine relates to this quote…and also gets giddy over beautifully decorated anything…tables, gifts, Christmas trees, barns, bulletin boards, saddles, cakes, floral arrangements…the list goes on.

“It’s an incredibly rewarding thing to create something of beauty,” Katherine shares. Some people create beautiful music, delicious meals, or colorful paintings.  All of these things uplift themselves and those around them. Decorating uplifts me instantly, and if I love someone I want to decorate for them. I want them to have a beautiful environment, and it bothers me if they don’t.”

Katherine has her own unique style of decor…a combination of Traditional, Modern, Vintage…and just whatever works at the moment.  “The day I let go of what others think of my decorating style was a great day.  I honestly just like throwing things together until I get that “yes” feeling… and that’s the extent of it! It’s fun, and doesn’t have to be “perfect” or “right”.

It’s been amazing how much attention Katherine’s non-professional decorating has received since she allowed herself to “make mistakes” with it. Her husband, children and those who enter her home express that they feel a warm, welcoming feeling there. “That to me is the most important thing,” Katherine says, “…and mission accomplished.”