Howdy y’all! This has been another great week. It flew by! I feel like I just finished writing my email from last week. It’s been a little rainy this week and the land here is super flat and there aren’t any good drainage systems around here, so some of the streets were like big swimming pools! There were little kids swimming around in the middle of the road! So from now on I think we’re gunnu keep an emergency kayak on our car.

So the other day we were talking to a lady who was holding a little dog and the dog threw up. I just thought u guys would like to know. Oh also I have officially become the physical trainer for the three other missionaries in my apartment. I’m whipping them into shape. Sometimes I literally have to whip them cuz they’re always tired in the mornings, but it will be worth it cuz we’re all gunnu get swoll!

I cant think of much to say this week. I can’t think of anything super exciting to share, but we are working really hard and having a ton of fun while we do it! Me and Elder Anderson have a ton of fun together! We joke around with each other all the time and we work really well together. He’s 22 and like 6’4″ so he’s like my big bro! And the two other Elders in our apartment, Elder Munoz and Elder Runsthrough, are a lot of fun too.

I love u guys so much! I’m honestly loving it out here. Missionary work is a ton of fun! I know this church is True! I love u guys!