Hey errbody! It’s been another great week in the Texas, McAllen mission!

Yesterday was rough though cuz I got food poisoning cuz on Saturday night I bought elote from a lady who was riding around on a bike selling it. Elote is corn with mayo, chili, and cheese. It’s disgusting. But the lady looked so exhausted cuz her bike was loaded with elote supplies and she was getting one peddle in about every three seconds. So I bought an elote cuz I felt bad for her. and this was in the evening, so the elote had been baking in the sun all day. So I took like three bites and threw it away, and then I started throwing up early yesterday morning. So I just stayed home and rested most of the day yesterday. But I’m better now! So the moral of the story is never buy elote from a stranger on a bike.

I learned another lesson this week too. It was about the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I’ve been having a hard time knowing when the Spirit is prompting me to do something, and when it’s just myself. I’ve been struggling a little bit in lessons because I’ve had so many thoughts going through my head about what I should say, so I couldn’t tell which thoughts were from the Spirit. So my companion, Elder Anderson, told me to stop thinking about what I’m going to say during lessons and to act on every prompting I feel that invites me to do something good. As I’ve applied that advice this week I’ve seen a huge improvement in my ability to teach and do missionary work. I can feel the promptings of the Spirit when I’m not drowning them out with my own thoughts and doubts. I have felt a sense of peace as we have been teaching this week. I have felt for the first time that I’m truly a mouthpiece for God. It’s so cool! I know that I am doing God’s work as I help people come unto Christ through His restored church!