I got the package from u guys right before we left for the library to email, so I haven’t opened it yet. I’m excited though! This has been a great week. On Monday one of the Sister Missionaries in our district threw Elder Anderson a surprise birthday party at the Stock’s house. I’m not sure if I’ve told u guys about the Stock family, but they are awesome! They are a young couple with two young girls and a baby boy. Sister Stock reminds me a ton of Holly and Brother Stock is a big buff border patrol agent and they’re both really nice and funny. And I have a lot of fun playing with the kids! So for the surprise party we had cake and ice cream and played some games. It was a lot of fun! I’ll have Sister Castillo send u some pics cuz I didn’t get any with my camera. I’ve been bad with taking pics but I’m trying to get better haha. So like I said in my other email, all the leaders in the mission had a conference for three days, so I worked with Elder Hoffman Tuesday through Thursday. We had a ton of fun together. He’s a surfer/skater from Torrence, California and he’s really nice and really goofy so we get along great. This weekend a girl named Lucia got baptized. Elder Anderson taught her in Brownville about a year ago, and he found out that she moved to Edinburg, so we went and visited her, and she remembered everything that the missionaries had taught her and she accepted to be baptized! Elder Anderson was really happy cuz she was really stubborn when he taught her in Brownsville and she never wanted to be baptized. So it was a huge miracle! I love u guys and miss u a ton!