Wuddup ma peeps!  It’s been a hootin-hollerin week here in Alamo.  We taught 12 new people this week! woot woot!  And I took my first bike day and it was super fun!  We had a really fun lesson with the Cavasos family this week, who are recent converts to the church.  They have a lot of young kids so we wanted to do something fun for them.  We all acted out a battle from the Book of Mormon, and Elder Johnson and half the Cavasos fam were the Nephites (the good guys) and me and half the fam were the Lamanites (the bad guys).  So we read about the battle in the Book of Mormon and we acted it out as we read.  Eventually the Lamanites get scared and run away from the Nephites, so me and the kids were running all over the house screaming and “dying” and whatnot.  They loved it and we were all cracking up, and they committed to read the Book of Mormon as a family every day.  It was dope!  There’s a lot of really fun ways to teach and learn about Jesus Christ!  I love you guys!