Wuddup fam and friends!!  I hope u all had a great Christmas!  I had a great Christmas here in good ol’ south Texas filled with tamales and texmex.  I got a super cute note from an 8 year old girl named Zeyla.  It says, ‘You are very good because you brought us gifts and you Elder Eisenhut you are very special Elder Eisenhut. With much love, I love you guys a lot. – Zeyla Cavasos’  We did a lot of early afternoon Christmas caroling this week which was slightly awkward but supa fun.  We had a Christmas party with all the missionaries in the Rio Grande valley and we all performed Christmas skits.  In my part of the skit Santa didn’t want to deliver presents cuz he was ashamed of how fat he is, so me and my fellow exersize pros showed him how to prancersize.  We did a super sick prancersizing routine and helped Santa burn off those nasty Christmas cookie calories.  If you don’t know what prancersizing is check it out on youtube.  It’s super weird.  But it went really well and everyone was cracking up.  On Christmas Day we had a small Christmas party with the other missionaries in our zone, and we had a pancake breakfast and did a secret Santa exchange.  I got a sick head massager that kinda looks like a whisk.  The rest of the day we visited different families and ate tons of food.  And I got to Skype my fam!  Twas great.  Merry Christmas fools!  Thanks for the tree Mama!

bren's miss 1st christmas skype

bren's miss first chirstmas us skyping him

bren's miss lil girl's letter

bren's miss lil girl's letter bow