Whats up ma peeps! I don’t have much time this week but I just wanted to give y’all a quick update on the mish.  Things are going great! I’m still here in Alamo with my boy Elder Johnson.  By the end of this transfer we’ll have been together for six months!  In south Texas if you live with someone for six months ur legally considered married… it’s some weird law that they have.  So by the end of this transfer I’ll be a married man!!  woot woot!

So the work is still going great, the area we cover is huge so we always have a ton of work to do and we love it! Still flying by insanely fast as usual.  With how big our area is we always have a ton to do.  We rush around from appointment to appointment and then we blink and the day is over!  And then we get in bed and blink and it’s morning again and time to get going!
My Spanish is coming along pretty well.  I still struggle understanding sometimes but I can communicate pretty well for the most part. I have a little booklet that I write new Spanish words in. I add at least 5 words every day, either words I hear people say or words that I’m trying to figure out how to say in Spanish. I have almost 500 words in it now! I review it for a few minutes every night, so my vocabulary is improving a lot.
We just baptized a super cool 9 year old kid named Joel!  His family has been less active for a while so we’ve been getting them reactivated.  They’re super awesome and we play soccer with them every time we visit so its super fun haha.  We’re working with another less active family who just moved here from Mexico about 6 months ago. we’re helping them get active again and the dad’s gunnu baptize his 9 year old daughter on April 25!  We’re super excited for them! We’re also working with another family who recently moved here from Mexico. They’re not members but a lot of their extended fam in mexico are members. The mom really wants to get baptized but she cant cuz she’s not married to the guy she’s living with and he still needs to officially divorce her wife in Mexico, so that will be a big process. but her 9 year old son really wants to get baptized so we’re gunnu baptize him on the 26th!  woot woot!  He’s the kid who’s in the picture of me with the kids sitting on the ground reading the Book of Mormon. I love you guys!