Hey People, I have great news. IM GUNNU BE A DADDY!! I received a call from the AP’s (assistants to the president) on Tuesday night and they told me I’ll be training a new missionary this transfer (starting tomorrow)!  In the mission ur first companion is ur dad, so like Elder Anderson was my dad.  And now I’m gunnu be a daddy!!  I’m so pumped! I’ve always wanted a son! We still haven’t heard about transfers though, so me and Elder Johnson don’t know who’s leaving the area, or if we’re both leaving. The dream team is getting broken up 🙁 but its all good, we’ve had so much fun together in good ol’ Alamo for the past 6 months. Time flew by so insanely fast!  But whatever happens, it’s gunnu be an adventure!!

We should find out sometime today.  We have no idea what time though.  The transfers have been coming really late the past few times.  Like last time we found out at like 10:30 on Monday night, so me and Elder Johnson spent the whole day yesterday saying bye to members even though we don’t know who’s leaving haha.  Transfers are cray cray!

Well, we had a crazy week this week, cuz we had meetings in McAllen for 3 days with a bunch of missionaries all over South Texas.  We had like 5 extra guys staying in our apartment. It was super fun!  And as I said, we spent all day yesterday going around and saying bye to all our awesome friends here, even though we don’t know who’s leaving haha.  I love u my peeps!