I’m in a new area now!  Mijo and I are in Harlingen in an English ward. It’s so weird!  I went from ghetto Mexican area to nice white people area. And people feed us white people food here! like pasta and salad and bread! what the heck?? And they don’t feed us ridiculous amounts of it!  White people culture feels so weird to me now!  And we don’t have a car, so we bike all day, it’s so much fun! So with the combination of that and not eating ridiculous amounts of food, I’ve lost like 6 pounds this week. I feel great!

My son’s name is Elder Acosta.  He’s from Spanish Fork, just like Elder Johnson! They know each other, so that’s super cool.  He’s 18 and he just graduated early in January. He’s really funny and full of energy, he’s a ton of fun!  He’s gunnu be really good for me. It’s pretty crazy being the senior companion in an area that neither of us know, especially cuz the last missionaries left us pretty much no notes at all about the work they were doing in this area. So we’re just starting from scratch!  It’s kinda overwhelming but it’s been great, we’ve been having a ton of fun.  We live with two other missionaries, Elders Ward and Alonzo, and the’yre both awesome! Elder Ward is training Elder Alonzo, and they’re both really fun guys.