THATS SO DOPE that Hirardo go baptized!!! And remember when you first starting going with the missionaries to teach Beatris and Satan tried to make you feel like a bad missionary?  Well now you just kicked Satan in the face!! KO!! Kabaam!!  That’s awesome Mama. That’s so cool how awesome you and Dad are with missionary work. That’s where success in missionary work comes from. Every baptism I’ve had so far on my mission has been through a member! That’s how the Lord wants us to do it, and when we do it His way, He blesses us!!  The work is going great here, we found a lot of new investigators last week and we’ve been getting to know the members better. The members are so great here! The other day me and Elder Acosta were super hungry so we called the Sanchez family and asked them if we could stop by and grab a snack, but instead they took us out to Subway! They’re so great.  You and Sister Sanchez would be awesome friends. I’l. have her look you up on fb next time I see her.