Wuddup peeps! I cant remember if I already told you about my son, but ya, I have a son! I’m training a new missionary named Elder Acosta, and in the mission when we train someone we them them our son! Elder Acosta is so dope!! We’ve been having a great time in Harlingen. We go to an English church here, which feels so weird after speaking so much Spanish the past few months. I feel like I’m in the states again!!  It’s so different here, we don’t get fed mystery food like roadkill armadillo! But we did see a roadkill armadillo the other day. It was not pretty. It made me realize how crazy it actually is that I ate one of those haha. Me and Elder Acosta are getting in great shape riding bikes all day! Being on bikes has made me realize how many horrible drivers there are in this world. We’ve almost died a few times, but don’t worry we are both still in one piece….for now. Thank goodness the Lord is protecting us. Well other news, some of the other missionaries we work with baptized some peeps this week! It was dope! And we brought some peeps to church and they will be getting baptized at the end of this month! Woot woot!! Super pumped.
Great job getting that new temple on wheels Mama! You should drive that thing to McAllen so all the illegals can do their work! That’s so crazy that Devin and Paige got married, so dope!  Your testimony sounds like it was awesome dad! We need more people like you and Mom in this world! I love you guys!