Hey people!  It’s been a great week!  Every week just flies by crazy fast it’s ridiculous. And then I sit down at the computer and the whole week just leaves my brain.  I can never remember what the heck we did!!  I just remember that we biked a lot, sweated a lot, visited a ton of awesome people, and drank a ton of water!  This area has been good for me cuz I gained 15 pounds in Alamo and I’ve lost like 10 so far here!  It’s probly all water weight but still!!

We’re working with a lot of super cool people who want to get baptized so we should be having some baptisms coming up soon!  Super pumped!   Elder Acosta is my best friend in the mission.  We’re having a ton of fun together, just laughing 24/7.  We have a lot of great investigators, but it’s been hard to get them to church. We have a goal to baptize one person this month, but there have been some changes in the requirements to baptize, and people have to come to church at least 4 times before they get baptized. So right now we don’t have anyone who’s come to church enough to get baptized this month, but we are really determined to hit our goal. I really want Elder Acosta to feel the amazing spirit of helping someone get baptized.  So we are going to be praying like crazy for a miracle and working really hard to find former investigators and part member families that have been to church enough times to qualify for baptism this month!  Training a new Elder in an area that’s new to both of us has been pretty stressful at times, but it’s been great for me. I’m learning how to manage stress well and just stay positive and enjoy every second of it.
Last Monday we did a dart war with a bunch of other missionaries.  We all got pvc pipes and and nerf darts and played Capture the Flag.  We were like those random African tribes that wreck people with blow darts.  But we weren’t wearing loin clothes so we weren’t quite that  cool.
I used this bathroom cleaner this morning that I think might have chlorine in it cuz it smelled just like the pool. I miss that smell!!