Big news!! I just got called to be a District Leader!  I’m super excited! I think it will be really good for me cuz it will help me get my mind off myself. I still don’t know where I will be, but I’m pretty sure I will still be with Elder Acosta!  My guess is I will stay in the same area.  We’ll find out tonight hopefully!  Other news about this week- during the exchange with Elder Riding, Elder Riding ate it super bad on his bike!  But don’t worry he didn’t get hurt.  It was hilarious though!  We were going from the street to the side walk and the lip of the side walk was bigger than usual. I got up it just fine, but a few seconds later I heard a skid and a crash and I looked back and Elder Riding was on his feet with his hands in the air like he just landed an intense gymnastics trick.  When he hit the lip of the sidewalk he got bucked off his bike and rolled on the ground and then landed on his feet!  It was a pretty busy street so some cars stopped to see if he was ok and I was just cracking up!  But anyways, he ruined his chain so we walked the bikes home and got a member to take us to the bike shop to get it fixed. Good times!