Hey peeps!  Here’s some pics!  I almost forgot I hit my year mark this week!  Tha’ts cray cray!!  Time is flying by ridiculously fast its so insane!!  The mission is so awesome.  I remember when I was thinking about being a missionary I thought, ‘it will be awesome. I will go serve others for two years and then I will come back being the exact same me that I am now and life will go on and it will be great!’  I now know that that way of thinking was so wrong!  I thought I didn’t need to change.  But the mission has helped me realize and make so many great changes in myself.  I’ve changed a ton and I still have a ton to change!  Learning and changing is so awesome!  I just learn and learn and learn every single day!  It’s so crazy that when I focus on everyone else but myself that’s when I change the most and I receive the most blessings from Heavenly Father!!  Focusing on others and forgetting about myself is still something that i need to improve a lot on, but I have made huge improvements in that as a missionary.  I’m so grateful for this awesome opportunity to learn and grow!  To go along with dad’s email, I’m really grateful that the mission isn’t the easy peaceful fantasy that I thought it would be.  It’s hot, we’re sweaty all the time,  I have to eat food that makes me fat, and I cant work out as much as I want or go to the beach or play water polo or hang out with my friends or go to the movies or bla bla bla but that stuff doesn’t matter.  I wouldn’t trade anything for the experience of serving a mission!  The blessings that the mission brings are incredible!  When i see someone understanding the gospel and feeling the Spirit and acting on the promptings they feel and recognizing the blessings God gives them and acting on faith even if they feel scared and then receiving the reward for having that courage its just so worth it.  I know I’m out here for a reason.  If I can impact the life of just one person and help them come closer to Christ and take the steps to have an eternal family in the kingdom of God, all the heat and the hunger and eating 3 times more food than my stomach can hold and getting yelled at and laughed at and made fun of and having my beliefs challenged and struggling to find people who want to listen to us and struggling to get the members to share the gospel is all worth it.  And the amazing thing is those things all sound pretty bad, but I’m learning to love even those tough things!  Trust me, I’m extremely far from being perfect at having a good attitude all the time and enjoying everything including the tough times, but I AM improving step by step, and that is just so cool. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!