Sounds like y’all had a cray cray week!  I’m excited to check out Alaska it sounds super cool!  My week has been great too!  2 elders in my district, Elder Van Katwyk and Elder Maluia helped a couple named Carlos and Eliza get married and baptized!  It was awesome!  They are super cool people and the missionaries have been teaching them for a few months.  My old district leader Elder Boyer came from Brownsville to see the baptism cuz he was the one who originally started working with them.  I got to do their baptismal interviews which was a really cool experience!  They’re so excited to get married in the temple in a year!  We have transfers tomorrow but we still haven’t heard who’s leaving, Elder Acosta thinks he’s gunnu get transferred to a Spanish ward so he can learn Spanish, my guess is that we are both staying here though.  I’m starting to feel really close to the people here and I don’t want to leave them! Has anyone become Facebook friends with u guys?  Sister street was the one who gave me the message about mailing my camara.  She’s really sweet!  She’s not in my area so I don’t see her very much, but I’ve gone to a few great Family Home Evenings at her house and she can make some mean din din!  You guys should stay in touch with her.

Other news, I don’t know if I already told u guys but I took my son Tie Digging for the first time 2 weeks ago!  We went as a district!  Elder riding knows a member in San Benito who owns a bodega, so he got us some hook ups.  We dug through a pile of ties that was at least 500 pounds!  It was huge!  After picking out the ones we wanted we probly left with like 200 ties, and the guy gave it to us for free!  Then last Monday we spread the ties out all over a room in the church and took turns picking ties.  I didn’t take a lot cuz im kinda picky with ties now haha.  Brands are really important in this mission, we just look for the really expensive ties that are good brands.  I really don’t care about ties or brands at all, it’s just a fun mission tradition!  But I have at least 50 or 60 nice ties from the times I’ve gone digging and from gifts missionaries have given me. But anyways, I love you guys so much!  Have a great semana!