Hola!!  We had a great week this week!  Elder Galloso got transferred to Sinton which is the northern part of our mission so we were sad about that, but Elder Riding is training a greenie!!  He’s awesome!  His name is Elder Klamm and he’s from Wyoming.  When he first got here Elder Acosta made him think he’s Russian.  Elder Acosta speaks really good fake Russian, and speaks English and Spanish with a good Russian accent, its hilarious!  So he had Elder Klamm convinced for like a day and a half and then he gave up.  Good times.   This week we are going to have 3 Day, which is three days of meetings in McAllen for the district and zone leaders.   We’re gunnu head down a few hours early today so we can go visit some families in Alamo!!!  I’m pumped!  Elder Ward is my zone leader, and he’s one of the missionaries who baptized the Cavasos family, so we’re gunnu go visit them together!  Woohoo!!!!  Don’t tell Maria though cuz I think elder ward might want to surprise them.  I love you mi familia!  Que tengan una buena semana! (have a good week)