Sounds like you guys have had some crazy weeks! Ya Elder Acosta and I are still here with the white people in Harlingen!  It’s funny, I’ve been out here for 13 months and I still feel like i just got here. Time just flies by so insanely fast on the mission!  My Spanish has gotten slightly rusty since I’ve left, just cuz I hardly ever speak it.  It’s still pretty good though.  I’m just forgetting words here and there, but Elder Acosta and I have been speaking Spanish to each other a few hours a day to practice. I miss speaking Spanish and just the Mexican culture in general!  I love the people here a ton, but if I go to a Spanish speaking area i’ll be pumped haha.

I had a really awesome week!  We had 3 days of meetings in McAllen with our Mission President, President Maluenda. He’s is an incredible man! We learned about a lot of great things, like how to show our faith through actions, to always look for opportunities to serve people, to plan well so that we can use the Lord’s time effectively, and just overall how to be better people and better missionaries! It was so awesome.  I learned so much it’s ridiculous!  I have pages and pages of notes and now I just hope I can actually remember all the stuff so I can apply it haha. So during those three days I stayed in Edinburg, where I was the first 3 months of my mission!  I stayed in the same apartment that I lived in before and got to see some of my friends from there!  It felt so weird to be back there!  At the meeting I got to see my old companion, Elder Johnson.  I’ve missed that fool! And there were some crazy lightning storms.  I’ve never seen that much lighting in my life!  It poured super hard, and on Friday when I was back in Harlingen with Elder Acosta we were heading down a path on our bikes to an appointment we had and all of a sudden we got to a part that was completely flooded, so we were like ‘oh shoot’, but if we turned around we would be super late to our appointment.  So we decided to just go for it even though we couldn’t even see where the flooding ended.  When we first started riding through the water it was just a few inches deep, but it slowly got deeper and deeper until it was up above our knees.  At that point we just said YOLO!!  It was probly about 50 yards or so and we were just soaked after.  It felt great though cuz it was so hot outside!  So then we went the rest of the day with wet pants and shoes. We got a lot of weird looks.  Good times!
That’s so cool that the girls wanted to go to the temple!  Awesome!  They’re spiritual studs!  And that’s awesome that u headed that service project… ur so cool dad!  I love that story about Paul too.  I’ve never heard that scripture. I wrote it down so I can share it with people this week.  This week has been so awesome!!!  It was so cool to see Sister Cavasos!!  And Karla and Geu and Olga were there too! Geu is a 10 year old boy that me and Elder Johnson baptized!  We were joking and laughing the whole time and it was so much fun!  We ate menudo, which I hate.  It’s a soup with cow stomach in it and its super chewy and smells like poop, like it literally smells like a sewer,  but I loved it cuz it was Mexican food and it made me realize I’ve actually missed the challenge of eating food I don’t want to eat!  And it was awesome to see Elder Johnson!!  President Maluenda blew my mind in the meetings this week.  He’s amazing!  I learned so many great things and I’m so excited to make great changes!  I love you guys!  I’ll see if i can borrow a cord that works with this camara so I can send pics!  I love you!