Yo! I’ll keep praying for Mama!  I’m hugging her in my mind!  She got dis!! It’s been a good week here. A little bit of rain here and there.  It’s starting to cool down a little bit.  But our AC broke so its 90 degrees in our apartment!  We can handle it cuz we’re used to the heat.  Plus the Jansen fam brought some fans over so that helped a ton!  A guy should be coming today to fix it.  We did 3 days of meetings as a zone this week.  It was a mini version of the 3 day meeting that we had in McAllen.  So now we’re all spiritually fed a ready to go!  2 kids from an inactive family came to church for their 5th time this Sunday!  If kids are coming without their parents they have to come to church 8 times before they get baptized, so they’re gonnu get baptized in 3 weeks!  We’re pumped!  Their names are Alik and Zera.  Also we found a guy named Daniel, who we found our very first week here.  He moved and we lost contact, but we found him again the other night and we’re so pumped!  He’s super awesome! He and his girlfriend Alisha are 18 and they have a baby boy.  Our lessons with them were going really well 3 months ago so we’re excited to work with them again!  How are the girls doing?  I love u guys!  How’s my tuff mama?  U should catch up on 24 while ur recovering!  How are the horsies?