It’s been a great week! Learning the Haka was supa fun! On Thursday I worked with a missionary in my district, Elder Maluia. We talked to a young couple who was walking down the street. Their names are Anthony and Zoey. They wanted to hear our message, so we stepped off to the side of the street and started teaching them about the restoration of the gospel, but right when we started talking two dogs started barking at us and wouldn’t go away. Anthony and Zoey’s house was about a half mile away, so we just started walking home with them and teaching them at the same time. After a few minutes we stopped in the shade, and all of a sudden a bunch of super loud trash trucks were driving by and making a ton of noise. So we waited for them all to pass, and then it was quiet for about 2 minutes. We invited Anthony to pray and ask God if what we had been sharing with them was true, and all of a sudden some dude starts weed wacking right across the street! Satan was throwing everything he could at us! I’m convinced that he really was doing all he could to keep Anthony and Zoey from learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ! So we started walking to their house again. And when we got there, we sat down and Anthony said an awesome prayer, and received an answer through the Holy Spirit that what we taught them was true. We then invited them to be baptized and they accepted. Anthony told us that he had been pleading with God for help with different problems he and his family were going through, and he knew that God sent us to answer his prayers. Zoey was sick, so we gave her a blessing. In the blessing I felt inspired to tell her that there are many people in heaven that love her and that are rejoicing because she is learning about the gospel. She was crying after. Then we gave Anthony a blessing too, and the spirit was super strong. They were very grateful, and it was very obvious that the Spirit had spoken to them during that experience. It was so cool. Now something happened and their family kicked them out of the house and they don’t have a phone so we haven’t been able to get a hold of them, so we are praying for them a ton and we know they will join the church eventually!