Awesome Mama! It’s been a good week here too! We have been working with a family (not those pictured above) who’s friends with a family in our ward. They’re so funny, both the families should be on Duck Dynasty. They’re total rednecks haha. They have beards and basically all they do is hunt and talk about hunting. They’re the people I told you guys about that have the Obama toilet paper haha. So the member couple is Jordan and Kelsey, and their friends are Tony and Adriana. Tony and Adriana live in the area that Elder Riding and Klamm cover, but they always come over to the Neilsons house, who live in our area, so we’ve all been working with them the past few weeks. Adriana finally accepted a baptismal date earlier this week, and then tony accepted one last night! They’re going to get baptized the 11th of October! It’s a huge miracle because Adriana has been a devout Catholic her whole life and tony didn’t know if God existed a few weeks ago. So we’re pumped for them! Also Elder Acosta and I are working with a young couple named Daniel and Alisha, who I think I told you guys about before. They haven’t come to church the past few weeks for different reasons, and they need to come 4 times to be baptized. Daniel has come once and Alisha still hasn’t come yet so we are going to do everything we can to help Daniel get baptized before he leaves to the army on October 12th. I love you mis Padres! I’ll send some pics. Elder Acosta got his eyebrows waxed haha. We usually don’t hear about transfers til late Monday night, so tonight we shall know our fate!

bren's miss acosta eyebrows done

bren's miss peavlers pig

bren's miss jensen fam

bren's miss sis street

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