Hola mi family! Glad to hear things are going pretty well for everyone! It’s been a good week. Elder Herrin and Puga baptized a lady named Rosalba! ‘Laketisms’ (baptisms in the lake) are so cool! Tambien, General Conference was super good. We watched it in our little tiny church. To answer dad’s questions, I’m still District Leader. My district is me and Elder Randall, and Elders Herrin and Puga. We live together, and we’re about an hour away from everyone else in our zone. We’re in the middle of nowhere! There’s a little bit more English than Spanish spoken here, but there’s a lot more Spanish here than there was in Harlingen so I’m excited to be practicing again! I really like it here. It’s way different than any other place I’ve been in the mission! If you send me anything just send it directly here cuz if you send it to the mission office it will take forever to get to me. I love you my peeps!

bren's miss baptism in lake rosabella group

bren's miss dinner at bro sis strong house