Hola mis padres y mi hermana y mi cunado! Glad to hear life is going well. Ur talk is really cool Dad! I haven’t read all the way through the notes yet but I want to. Ur such a spiritual stud! Mama, great job for going to the store haha! I cant believe you had a bridal shower at our house, ur so awesome! Ka-baam! And Holly I hope ur feeling better!

We had a good week. We had a great dinner with Brother Viegas (see pic above)! He’s totes hilar! Some new senior missionaries came in and they are really cool so I’m excited to get to know them more. The Strongs will leave in November, so this couple came to replace them.

We had interviews with President Maluenda this week, it was super awesome. I swear that guys a wizard. He looks at me and reads my soul. We went up to Laredo and got together with all the other missionaries in our zone and did the interviews there. My interviews with President are always super short, just a few minutes. I hardly even say anything. He asks me if I’m worthy to attend the temple, and how u guys are doing, and then he’ll either just start teaching me something, or ask if i have any questions, or just give me a bunch of scriptures to read. It’s always exactly what I need, it’s super cool.

Elder Johnson is an AP now (Assistant to the President) so I got to see him at interviews. He’s doing great, I miss that fool. I love you my peeps!

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