October 26, 2015

Hola familia! Sounds like you guys have lots of good stuff going on! I have a gift for KK so I need to mail it today. So we did an awesome Pday activity last Monday. All the missionaries in Laredo South Zone painted shirts and we played soccer against Laredo North Zone. Twas supa fun! And we saw lots of miracles this week. There were 50 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!! That’s a record for Zapata!! It was so cool to see the chapel almost all the way full! We almost did have enough bread and water for sacrament! And a lot of really cool investigators and less active members came.

This week the zone leaders challenged Elder Randall and I to hit all our goals for the week by Saturday night, so we worked super hard and prayed for guidance and miracles, and we ended up exceeding all of our goals and meeting so many cool people! I have gained a strong testimony about the importance of sincere, intense, specific, humble prayer the last few weeks. I’ve been improving my prayers a lot, praying with more energy and love, and praying about specific people, plans and situations. As I’ve done that I have received so much revelation and I’ve received so much more guidance from Heavenly Father! Every night I keep my planner with me while a pray and I write down any revelation that I receive, so then the next day I apply that revelation to our plans. I’ve seen so much success come from it! Prayer is awesome!!

We are planning to baptize two boys named Armando and Ralph this Sunday. They are really awesome! And their grandma, Rosa should be getting baptized in a few weeks, shes just trying to quit smoking, and she is doing very well. Elder Randall and I have been doing really well, we’re having a lot of fun together. Oh also a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Dube, came and spoke to us in Chorpus Christi! He’s from Africa, so his accent is awesome. Well, I love you mi familia! #YOLO