November 2, 2015

Wuddup peeps! I hope errbody had a dope Halloween. It’s been a great week in good ol’ Zapata Texas! Elder Randall and I both got to baptize in the lake this week! Woohoo!! We baptized two boys, Ralph and Armando. Ralph is 14 and Armando is 12. Theyre awesome! And their grandma will be getting baptized in two weeks!

We had a lot of fun stuff going on this week. On Thursday we had a Christmas party with all the missionaries in Laredo cuz our zone leader Elder Breck is going home this Wednesday and he loves Christmas. On Friday we had a going away party for the Strong family. They are a senior missionary couple in Zapata, and they’ve been here for a year and are going home to Arizona on Wednesday. I’m gunnu miss them a ton! On Saturday we came home early cuz of all the cray cray stuff going on for Halloween, so we played games with the senior missionary couples that live by us.

We saw some really cool miracles this week! One night at 8:30 I got the impression that we should spend the last 30 minutes of the day working in the area of Zapata that Elder Herrin and Puga are assigned to. On our way there, someone that Elder Randall had met there before came to his mind, so we headed to that house. He had only been there once so we got lost after a little while, and we pulled over to pray for help. Right after we prayed we turned right on the next street and the house we were looking for was right in front of us! We went to talk to the lady that Elder Randall had met before. She ended up being busy but we talked to her son Manny and had a really cool lesson with him about the restoration of the gospel of Christ. He was really interested and wants to learn more. And it turns out he lives in a city called Mission, and the missionaries have been teaching his wife and kids there, but he’s never been able to listen to them cuz he’s always working in Zapata. So it was an awesome miracle that we found him!

Another miracle we had was really funny. An older man named Manuel was following us in his car back to his house cuz he forgot how to get home from the church, but all of a sudden he turned right when we went straight. So we were like ‘holy heck we lost a man!!’ And we didn’t have his phone number, so we just drove around everywhere looking for him. After a while we stopped and prayed for help, and about ten minutes after that we passed him going opposite directions on the road. So we flipped a U as fast as we could and chased him down until he finally stopped in a parking lot. We showed him from there how to get home, so thank goodness he got home safe. If we hadn’t found him he’d probly still be driving around Zapata haha.

There were lots of other miracles but I don’t wanna write a novel. So basically the gist of the story is God is awesome. Thanks dad you got this too! I remember when I went to that trial of yours and you destroyed that lawyer lady and her red herring stuff. That experience that you had with praying with ur clients and then seeing the miracle after was so cool! Heavenly Father’s got yo back! I love you Dad. I love you Mama!