November 9, 2015

I got transferred! I’m in La Jolla now. It’s been great here! I started with Elder Galloso, which was really awesome cuz we were in Harlingen together, but we have a bike area and President Maluenda doesn’t want him to ride a bike cuz he has a prosthetic arm, so another missionary in my apartment, Elder Buzan, became my companion and Elder Galloso is now in a car area. But I live with him and he’s in my district! Elder Buzan is really awesome. This is his second transfer, and mission training is two transfers long, so I’ll be finishing training him this transfer! He’s a really funny guy so we’re having a lot of fun together.

We had a huge miracle this week cuz the Salinas family (a family of 8) wanted to come to church but their car had gotten taken away the week before. So we called a man from church, Brother Guerrero, to ask him if he could give them a ride. He had to take his family, so he ended up giving the Salinas’s one of his cars to get to church and back. He didn’t even know them! That was a really awesome example of selfless love. I wanna be like Brother Guerrero!