Hola family! It sounds like everything is going pretty well over there, that’s great! I’m glad the second reception went well, and that’s so cool that you guys got to see Elder Roster!! I miss my Foster brother!

Well everything here is going great too. I’m loving it. I like it ten times more than the MTC haha. It’s a ton of work and a ton of fun. My body still hasn’t really gotten used to all this work, so I fall asleep a lot when I’m studying in the morning or sitting in meetings, but I’ve been getting better throughout the week.

My companion, Elder Anderson, is awesome. He served for eight months in the Dominican Republic and he had to go home for a little over a year cuz he got super sick. So then he was called to McAllen to finish the rest of his mission, and he’s been here for about a year. He’s a really awesome missionary and I’m learning a ton from him. And we have a lot of fun together!

I’m really loving missionary work. It’s so cool. I was pretty nervous when I first got here, especially about having to approach people on the streets, but its a ton of fun! The people here are really friendly and a lot of them are willing to listen to what we have to say. The members are really friendly too. I haven’t gotten to know any of them really well yet, but they are always happy to have us over and they always wanna feed us!

So a few funny things happened this week. A dog ran after me and was trying to bite my legs but I kicked him and used my bag to defend myself like an old lady, so he eventually backed off. Yesterday we were teaching a family in their yard, and we heard gun shots pretty close by, and then a bunch of bullets came falling out of the sky all around us! They came straight down like rain, so someone had shot them up into the air and they were landing around us. The gun shots kept going off, so we stopped the lesson and left, so we’ll teach them more this week. It was the randomest thing ever! We were laughing afterwards cuz it was so weird!

Also, yesterday we started talking to a kid who looked around 14 or 15 who was in his front yard, and the only word in his vocabulary was ‘no’. When we asked him things like “have you ever seen missionaries before” and “do you have a few minutes to hear a message about Jesus Christ” or “do you know anyone around here we could teach” that’s all he would say. He wouldn’t even shake our hands! So we were joking around after saying we should have started asking him questions like “do you want 50 dollars” or “will you marry me”. Good times.

Well it’s still hard for me to understand Spanish, but I’m getting better. Elder Anderson is really good at Spanish so he helps me out. But a lot of people speak English here too. When we meet knew people and teach lessons, its probably Spanish like 80% of the time. But a lot of people speak both English and Spanish so that helps a lot.

On Sunday we go to 7 hours of church! We go to the Spanish ward at nine, the young single adults ward at 11, and the English ward at 1. And church gets out at 4, so its a long day, but it surprisingly went by really fast! All the missionaries in Edinburg go to the same wards, so I go to church with like 11 other missionaries!

I’m running low on email time, pero les amo muchisimo!!