November 23, 2016

It sounds like life is crazy in T-Mec right now! Lots of cool stuff going on! Thats so cool that America got baptized! I’m glad to hear ur feeling better Mama. Ka-Baam!! I have some weight to lose too so we can do it together haha. Well, I dont need to lose weight, I just need to get rid of fat and replace it with muscle haha. I got the candy apples and the spider! That spider is awesome!! I still need to get batteries for it but I’m super pumped to freak people out with it haha.

We had 3 days of meetings in Mc Allen this week. I learned a ton and had a lot of fun! And that cake eating thing is a Mexican tradition. Everyone chants “mordida! mordida!” (which means bite) and then you bite the cake and everyone smashes ur face in to it! It was a lot of fun.

I’ve been feeling stressed this week cuz we were seeing a lot of success in Zapata and we haven’t been seeing it here in La Jolla. But I’m working on forgetting about me and focusing on others. I’m improving and when I think of others I feel great! So no worries, I got this, and Heavenly Father’s got my back. All the missionaries in my district are super awesome. I love them a ton! And the members here help us a ton with missionary work. They are really humble and willing to serve.

All the missionaries that came out with me that were at the 3 Day meetings. Elder Buzan dressed up as Kristov from frozen for a little girls birthday party!

bren's miss la jolla dress up for girls party

bren's miss la jolla nov 23 group