December 7, 2015

Dang Dad that’s super crazy! Huge miracles! You’ve always been a great example of faith cuz you ACT. Faith is action! If you just sat there in your car praying that everything would work out, most likely nothing would happen. But you did everything within your control and then depended on Heavenly Father for the rest. That’s so awesome! I love you Dad! I need to apply that cuz I can’t find my camera haha. And thanks Dad, you got this too! I remember when I went to that trial of yours and you destroyed that lawyer lady and her red herring stuff. That experience that you had with praying with ur clients and then seeing the miracle after was so cool! Heavenly Father’s got yo back!

Dang Mama that Joan of Arc movie on the BYU channel sounds awesome. I’m pumped to see it! Ur back in action! Kapow!! I’m hugging you in my mind Mama!

This week has been really good. Elder Buzan and I have been struggling the past few weeks to get our investigators to come to church, so we put a big focus this week on not just inviting them, but reminding them of why it’s important, promising blessings, and asking them a specific question,’Will you come?’ That makes them have to say yes or no. And we saw awesome success from it!

A really cool family came to church. It was a mom and 5 little kids. She was separated from her boyfriend last week cuz they were fighting but they were together yesterday and we’re hoping to start teaching him to. We’re really excited about them! It’s gonna be a little complicated to get them baptized though cuz they’re living together but he is still technically married to a lady in Mexico, so we’re gonna start working with a member who’s a lawyer to figure out how to get them divorced. I got to confirm the girl Angie who got baptized last week! And last Monday I actually took a nap! That was really the first nap I’ve taken in like 6 months!