December 14, 2015

Yo! Glad Katie had a good B-day. So she’s 17 now?? That’s so weird!

Hunter told me about seeing Derek; that’s so awesome! Did you guys get to see him? And that’s so cool that you guys had a missionary lesson in your house. You guys are such awesome missionaries! I’m super pumped to do missionary work when I get home. It’s super fun!

The past few weeks there’s been some young men who have been coming out and working with us on the bikes sometimes and it’s super fun. And these pics are of some of Elder Faris and Gollosos’ investigators. They’re of their wedding just before their baptism.

Christmas season can be super crazy I know, but don’t worry, don’t sweat the small stuff! Christmas is an awesome opportunity to not just remember Christ, but to follow His example. I remember in an interview I had with President Maluenda, I told him that I was getting stressed and he told me that if I started feeling down I need to take a step back and think of how I can serve others. When I’m serving others I don’t have time to feel bad about myself! It’s awesome! This week Elder Buzan and I made cookies and delivered them to different members who have helped us a lot. It made them feel great, and we felt great too! You will feel the Savior by your side as you think of little simple things that you can do to help other people have a good Christmas. And for Christmas gifts I can’t think of anything right now but I will try to think of something. I love you guys!

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