December 21, 2015

Hey Mama! We are planning to Skype at 6pm on Christmas but we aren’t sure yet. When we figure it out I will have someone let you guys know. I got transferred to Laredo North, I’m a zone leader now with Elder Padron! He’s from Mexico and he learned English on his mission. This is his last transfer so he will be home in 5 weeks! He’s awesome we’re having a lot of fun together. So as zone leaders we lead two districts, and each one has 4 companionships in it. We help the district leaders to lead their districts. So I have a lot of responsibility now! It’s been super fun, we’re always on the go! I love it cuz there is so much to do so it’s impossible to be bored! And don’t worry about the Christmas gift Mama I know I’ll get it soon! I saw Melissa in Mc Allen when I got transferred! It was so awesome to see her. I was so pumped! We took a pic so I’ll send it to you. I love you Mama!

Hey errbody It’s Elder Eisenhut! I hope you’re all feeling the awesome Christmas spirit! So I just got transferred again, I’m in Laredo now with my boy Elder Padron. This is his last transfer so he will be home in 5 weeks! He’s from Mexico and learned English on his mission. He has a ton of energy and he’s hilarious! Also I got so see my homie Sister Melissa Stanfill!!! She’s my homie from back home and she just got sent to serve in this mission, it’s so crazy!

Let’s see what else happened this week… we went to two different church Christmas parties this week, one for a Spanish ward and one for an English ward. We got a ton of leftover food and we didn’t know what to do with it all, so last night we went to downtown Laredo and set up all the food on a table and held up a ‘free food’ sign and a bunch of people came and got food! We talked with them and told them about what we do as missionaries and gave them our info and it was super fun! Most of the people we met live in Mexico cuz we were literally like 100 yards away from the bridge that leads into Mexico. I forgot we were in the U.S. for a second!

Also, today the zone leaders from Laredo South called me and told me that a lady named Maria who I taught when I was in Zapata is in the hospital here in Laredo and she’s looking really bad. She got baptized after I left Zapata, but she didn’t get to receive the Holy Ghost yet cuz she had to go to the hospital. So the missionaries from Zapata came to Laredo to visit her in the hospital and I went with them and I got to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. Well peeps, I love you all. Have a great Christmas, and even more important than that help someone else to have a great Christmas!

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