December 28, 2016

Hey peeps! We had a great Christmas! On Monday a lot of us missionaries went Christmas caroling with the Lavulavu family. President Lavulavu is the leader of the English congregation here, and he’s Tongan, but he dressed up in Texas clothes and looked like a huge Mexican!

On Tuesday we went down to McAllen for a Christmas party with all the missionaries in the mission! McAllen is 3 hours away from Laredo, and the Solis family took us all the way there and waited for us all day and then took us home. They’re amazing! At the party we watched a slideshow of pics that missionaries had sent in throughout the year and we did a white elephant gift exchange and ate food and did Christmas skits and probly did other stuff but I forget.

On Thursday we had a zone meeting and everybody got to smash shaving cream into their companion’s face. It was good stuff. And we had to go home at 6pm instead of 9 so we just hung out in the apartment and talked and chilled. And on Christmas I got to Skype the fam! Woohoo!

P.S. Below are pics of President Lavulavu’s kids and our shaving cream fight.

bren's miss ladero north President Lavulavu's kids

bren's miss ladero north shaving cream